PlanetSide 2 Beta Giveaway!

Hey Folks, interested in the PlanetSide 2 Beta? You’re in luck because dual pixels is giving out free beta codes. First step is to like the official Dual Pixels facebook page(Linked Below). Next you need to comment on this post with your favorite game that has come out this year or upcoming games for the rest of 2012! Winners will be announced and messaged their codes via facebook when selected. Good Luck!




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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens

  • JasonCook1

    Well, I am most excited about PS2, Check out outfit-x.com

  • KarlStreitberger

    4 me its ps2. plz can i have 1 all my friends are playing and im not :(

  • jakobkjemp123

    I will be so F*/-++ happy is  get ps2!

  • GiuseppeK

    I am looking forward to xcom and Planetside 2 this year

  • Mike OHare

    I’m looking forward to NFS:MW, PS2, dishonoured, assassins creed 3 and many many more games!

  • HarryDorpelaar

    Free to play game for this year is PlanetSide 2 of course.
    Need a key desperately haha.