New Grand Theft Auto V Info Surfaces

As we aren’t hype enough about the release of Grand Theft Auto V, new info has surfaced and gives us a few details on gameplay aspects. Here’s a list of what you can expect in Grand Theft Auto V, all this info was gathered from the weekly Famitsu.

  • Customize your dog (collar, other accessories, etc)
  • Your dog’s name is Chop
  • Keep an eye on your dog, you can lose him
  • Over 15 types of wild animals can be found throughout the world
  • Each character has a specific walking animation for individual realism
  • Overall animations have a been a focus of improvement for Rockstar
  • There is a dedicated underwater mission that Michael and Trevor go to via jet-skis together


Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to release on September 17th, if you haven’t seen gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V Yet. Head over to the trailer here


Source: Gameranx

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