Obama Compared Buying Health Insurance To PlayStation

If you didn’t manage to pre-order a PlayStation 4 on, it’s probably going to be a difficult time tracking one down in retailers, so difficult that even Obama has acknowledged the challenge when pitching his Affordable Care Act recently. According to Mr. Obama: “unlike the day after Thanksgiving sales for the latest PlayStation, the (healthcare) insurance plans don’t run out”. Surely Mr. President would love to have his claims backed by real individuals when the website actually starts working, it’s currently riddled with glitches. We won’t go there though; good luck finding a PlayStation 4 this holiday season.

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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  • jack slater

    But really WOW.
    When a president of 350 million people talk about the next PlayStation will sold out after Thanksgiving day, that is a freaking FREE advertising, and excellent advertising. If he mentioned the next xbox, it would be normal, since it’s a national brand. But talking about next Sony console in the US territory, it’s just amazing.
    Just like everybody wants to wear the X princess dress, or have the X president dog, or wear the X best singer glasses, people now will associate Obama to PlayStation.
    ‘So, if Obama is buying a ps4 for their kids, it must be a really good system.let’s buy it, too’

    This is just the message dozens of families just got, from Mister Obama himself.

    While at Sony, they must be drinking champagne, at microsoft, when they watch this video, they feel like they wanna kill they have been betrayed by the #1.
    Even 100 million$ wouldn’t make the president talk about one console. Even microsoft, with their 200 billions, wouldn’t be able to have the president talk about their system.
    And for 0$, Sony just got the BEST advertising possible, in America, for the ps4.
    Now that people heard it from President’s mouth, and everybody is aware of it, Sony, now, they only need to shown some nice ads, on TV,with nice gameplay and features,and everybody will want one.

    Obama talking about the next PlayStation will be sold out, is the worst thing that could happen to microsoft.
    People will be like’ OK, Obama talks about the ps4 will be sold out. If everybody wants one, it’s because it’s a good product. I will get one for my grandkids, for Christmas’

    Once again, wow, just wow.
    And a massive LOL, too. Xbots gonna hate,,and microsoft penello is already preparing an article for tomorrow, explaining why this Obama speech is ACTUALLY a good thing for microsoft, bla bla bla, and will once again(for the 345th time) will fool people and will try to turn something negative into an amazing positive thing. I already laugh , thinking about what BS they will say, this time.

    Obama, you’re awesome 😉