Possible Leaked Super Smash Bros. Character Screen Reveals Full Roster

An alleged Super Smash Bros. Wii U character screen suggests a full and final roster of warriors to enter the battle. Currently there have been 29 characters revealed within the title including newcomers like Greninja, The Villager, Little Mac, and more. The leaked screenshot below adds about 10 more characters to that mix consisting primarily of returning cast members such as Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Mr. Game and Watch, to name a few. Notably, there is a new Fire Emblem character next to Marth I can’t pin a name to but I believe he was a fan suggestion across message boards anticipating new reveals. That is something that concerns me about this supposed leak, some reveals are a little “too obvious”. I expect a few more oddball picks within the final roster which should be revealed soon considering Wii U & 3DS have identical rosters although the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. releases this Summer. Check it out above, what do you think?


Thanks Gearnuke

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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  • platomaker


    • HeroZero

      Fake for a number of reasons… one of them being In Japanese the Ice Climbers are just called Ice Climber

  • Caden Collier

    it’s fake, in Japanese Ice Climbers are always written as just Ice Climber

  • Anonymous

    Already, I see a problem: In Japan, the Ice Climbers are called “Ice Climber” without an S at the end. This screenshot has the S, so it is fake.

  • DJRD

    The Fire Emblem Character is Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening. His signature Sword can be seen in the image.

  • Grox the Helioptile (@AUS_Helioptile)

    That HAS to be fake. The Ice Climbers, Wario, Ness and Captain Falcon artwork don’t look legit. I admit Meta Knight’s artwork looks good, but it can’t possibly be legit. Also, I think the character icons would be more closeup than before

  • Brandon

    It’s fake.

    It implies that we have already seen all of the newcomers except Chrom. That alone stands out to me way too much.

    The Wario & Ganondorf ‘art’ are just a running animation from Brawl & TP render (respectively).

    The art for Ice Climbers, Captain Falcon, Ness look suspiciously like fan art. Ice Climbers are just called “Ice Climber” in Japan. And why would we have a full character roster for the Wii U version so early?

    I mean, the screen looks nice, but it’s got literally no new characters. We just lose 7 characters and gain 7 new ones, all of which we already know, but one.

  • Robin

    Fake? Maybe! why are the names on the characters English? While the rest is Japanese???

  • DaMan

    This is fake because there is only one Newcomer we haven’t seen yet on here. Chrom. I can assure you Chrom won’t be the only other newcomer.

  • Oakland

    This seemed legit except for that one slip-up:

    • Oakland

      He came from the Twilight Princess Image

      • Oakland

        The Ice Climber’s image is just a cropped version of this image:

        • Oakland

          Metaknight’s image though not at first glance actually is a reflected image with the cape removed, the wings photoshopped behind it

          • Oakland

            Chrom’s image is a more HD version of this image

          • Oakland

            Finally Wario’s picture is from his idle animation, so is Jigglypuff’s, Captain Falcon’s and Falco’s.

          • The Hyper Gamers

            Also, why would the “ready to fight” bar overlap the character names?

            Idk if this would be a legit argument also, but in the corner next to the characters name wouldn’t it say what kind of controller they are using? (gamepad, wiimote, wiimote+nunchuck, wii u pro, etc)

    • ron

      Okland the cap are his wings -.-

      • Oakland

        I know they’re part of his character, but the picture was faked.

  • BuildingMyBento

    Where’s Pauline (as an assist trophy?)

    Also, why doesn’t Toad finally get another chance? His final smash could be the voice actor from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Geno, Pac-Man and Cloud from FFVII would be rad too.


    • Oakland

      Geno is owned by the creators of Final Fantasy and so is Cloud. Toad is part of Princess Peach’s move set and Super Mario Supershow is non-canon. Also Toad’s voice actor from Super Mario Supershow stopped voice acting in 2005 and currently resides in Canada.

      • BuildingMyBento

        ok…I knew about Square from having played both of those games, but I take it you mean it’s because of that reason that they won’t be in the next Smash Bros. installment?

        Even though Toad was part of Princess’s defensive repertoire, he could still be a playable character, or at least an assist trophy. Zelda/Sheik appear to have been split up in this game, so why not give another nostalgic character his due?

        Oakland, do you know more about new levels?

    • it’snotgoingtohappen

      You’re a fucking idiot.

  • Cyberguy64

    I almost bought it until I saw that the “Ready to fight!” banner covered the names of the characters on the bottom. That’s such a noob mistake for game design, there’s no way Nintendo would have done that.

    • Natanael Zc

      Why is it a “noob” mistake exactly, its probably how it was designed.

  • Quinton Henry

    Well I guess It’s safe to say that Snake, Rob, and Lucas won’t be making a return..

    • Anthony Zombo

      Snake is not coming back, But Lucas might return or could be replace with Nintend.

      • Natanael Zc

        Unless the other characters could be come DLC. They stated they wont make a storymode for the game, but they never mentioned NOT doing DLC characters. so maybe they will return in the future as character/stage DLC packs, done in the way that would be fair for the consumers (and possibley be released after the Wii U version gets released.)

        • William Cole

          Nintendo doesn’t do DLC… I hate them for that. I mean, you could spend time making characters for the same engine you made the game on and charge people a few bucks for a new character! What is wrong with that Nintendo!?

          • Natanael Zc

            But didn’t they do DLC with Pikmin 3 and fire emblem awakening? If thats so what would prevent them from doing so in the future?

          • Looking_Back

            Aaaaaand you’re wrong.

      • RinneLogiSSJ4

        with custom movesets lucas is obviously going

  • Ikario

    This is fake. Wario’s costume isn’t his wario ware costume it’s his Mario bros costume.

  • Knightfall87

    It’s obviously fake, simply because Sakurai hasn’t thrown a hissy fit about internet leaks, and promptly taken his toys and gone home.

  • Katastrophy Kwjj

    Fake. They would have used the name Bowser not Koopa.

    • Anthony Zombo

      Koopa is still used in Japan.

    • Caleb Lindquist

      Lol if you notice Charizard is “Lizardon”. 😛 noob

      • John Gamfreak

        Calling someone a noob is quite sad honestly. To add to this, this is correct. The names are in the japanees forms and Lizardon is actually Charizard.

  • Katastrophy Kwjj

    Other names are messed up also like Charizard Jiggly Puff and Greninja

    • Roost

      Lizardon Purin and Gekkouga are the japanese names of them

      • Harry Ross

        if its the japanese version then all the names would be japanese not just a few of them

        • Blob

          Not all characters don’t have different names when changed to English

  • Katastrophy Kwjj

    And one more thing the character names are in English everything else is in Japanese

  • CharlieBrooke

    Chrom is in Super smash Bros Yipee

  • HystericalGameZ

    Fake, because prior leaks (that revealed Wii Fit Trainer, the Villager, Little Mac, and Megaman) Say that Pac-Man & Mii are also in the game.

    • RinneLogiSSJ4

      pac man and mii are just peoples predictions on deviantart and stuff like that

      • HystericalGameZ

        Nah, I work in the gaming news industry, and before Wii Fit Trainer was announced, Gematsu got a leak from an unnamed source that dropped a list of new characters. Every new character has been on that list so far.

        • RinneLogiSSJ4

          can you give me the link to it? and like I’ve told others this could just be the starting roster and more slots will pop up as you unlock more chars

        • Nintendo Dragon

          Yeah albeit the majority of the characters were pretty predictable. The only character that was really a surprise was Wii Fit Trainer.

      • Caleb Lindquist

        Yeah it’s not speculation it’s for real. The person who said that Wii Fit Trainer and all the rest said Pac Man is going to be in it.

  • marian marks

    seems good to me

  • Greg Smith

    The new fire emblem character is prince chrom.This is real.

    • Blob

      Just because Chrom is in it doesn’t mean it is real.

  • steampvnc1880

    yep. five pokemon. i call BS

  • Thaul

    Welp, it’s a good fake.

  • Harry Ross

    mr game and watch is just this without hammer and spun a little

  • RinneLogiSSJ4

    well this seems pretty good to me, the rest of you are just complaining because you didn’t get your favorite video game character in

    • Blob

      No we are ‘complaining’ because it is fake

    • Zenkai

      If the roster was real, that means there would be only 7 newcomers.

      Meaning it’s fake, and that’s why we are complaining.

  • Steve Moron

    “Okay… The ready to fight in Melee covered the screen so it being fake due to that makes no sense, the Ice Climbers image is not a cropped image, the position they are in is different, the colors on Gannon are brighter than the Twilight Princess guide book, and you can’t make a more “HD” version of a drawing, that drawing is colored in and even appears 3D… Also, the lighting on Meta Knights model is much different as opposed to that picture, not to mention the M on his shoulder is on his LEFT shoulder, same as the original image from Brawl ALSO his eyes are glowing and he is in a different pose as opposed to the original. Captain Falcon, Jiggly Puff and Falco all have brighter tones to their designs and Mr. Game and watch’s body is in a completely different position with his body being straight and his head tilted forward and not up.

    Really, I must also point out that the colors on Ice climbers are brighter as well along side like I said they are in a different position. ALSO, all the names of the characters that aren’t the original English names are their Japanese names and in the Japanese version of Brawl the menu’s had Japanese writing while the characters names were all still in English. LASTLY, while Wario did have his original costume in Brawl, he had much more gritty tones in his color scheme and while he may be in his idle animation, that could also be the pose they chose for him, this fact also goes for Jiggly Puff, and Falco who’s idle animation I don’t believe even match those poses… Just because Wario isn’t in his Wario Ware costume does not make it fake, they already said they would add in character customization, it could easily be an unlockable costume if this IS real”.

  • Thedude3445

    39 characters? When 29 have already been announced? I… hope this is a joke that this article was ever posted.

  • Tony

    There’s also the new (and invalidating) slip-up where Ike isn’t on the character roster after having just been confirmed last week.

  • Charles Haskell

    Why hasn’t this article been deleted already? The roster is fake.

  • Lucian Crowe

    This sadly is fake as Palutenas not in it

  • Troy Harsh

    Fake because there are no mii’s.