Update: Nintendo NX Controller Leaked Photo

A new source exclusive to Dual Pixels, who also reached out this time for us on Reddit, has informed us to share this exciting news. Dual Pixels would like to publish what we label as a “leak” of the controllers of Nintendo’s next generation. Photographs of the leak, along as a link and photos to a patent found matching this, will be found below.

























Patent Link








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Update [3/20/16]: Nintendo has an official comment on the leak, and it is as follows: “Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation.”


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  • NarthVaderZ

    Da fuq ?

  • oldtimer01

    Lol please don’t be real

  • ctoan der herdgehoog

    Yeeeaaahhhhh, I’m a bit skeptical on this one.

  • DarkVader

    Fake. Dual Pixels are feasting upon the NX hype! “you will say wow” yeah right

  • Adam Wassilchalk

    The fact that it looks exactly like the patent diagram makes this pretty hard to believe.

  • me

    i would be more convinced if they took more pictures at diff angles, they clearly had time to do this too when they wrote the stupid message “you will say wow” so im assuming this is fake

  • SolarShane13

    “You will say wow!”. Can’t be anymore fake than that. But, knowing Nintendo, they’ll probably do some shit like this and alienate third parties and their user-base in the process.

  • Bob

    How can you claim it was revealed exclusively (which you spelled wrong, by the way) to you when the information is on Reddit posted by “your source”? What happens when all the rumors you report are confirmed fake by the end of the year?

    • Jared Pryatel

      Sauce please. :0

    • Eintopf Mitschinken

      All those people who exploit rumors and fakes by selling them a ‘leaks’ will never apologise. They have no manners, all they want is clickbait for ad-revenue.

      • Jason Mounce

        +For Truth. Is why you gotta block the scummy sites so you don’t risk giving them ad revenue, download a ‘Block site’ add-on/extension for your browser.

  • YuriFan

    It’s fake. The design doesn’t seem conventional.
    Too much crap covering the screen, too small, buttons are all over the place and you can barely see the buttons over the screen.

    If you were going to do an April fools joke then do it on April fools.

  • MintyFox

    The screen emits no light, the cable connected the controller is in the wrong perspective and this controller breaks every rule of ergonomics. It’s very very fake.

    • okay dokay

      Plus, the patent shows handles in the controller, this “leaked” one don’t has them.

      • Cuerex

        it does, like grey casts on the top of it

        • Andrew

          Nope I see no handles which are shown in the patent.

      • Eintopf Mitschinken

        Plus the patent is about patenting an idea, a technology – not a design. They could have drawn the sketch for the patent in any shape they wanted.

      • Ryley

        Uhuh. Because there’s never been a prototype that looked different from the sketch, right?

      • Adam Possiel

        If this thing is supposed to be portable, it would make sense that the handles would be detachable, only to be used at home.

    • retlaw

      What are the rules?

    • Ryley

      1. The screen is clearly emitting light.
      2. The charger cable looks like any other controller charger.
      3. You clearly don’t know the first thing about ergonomics (I doubt you fully understand what it means).
      4. You’re dismissing it as fake because you dislike the way it looks (don’t bother denying it) so just say so instead of making crap up and trying to make yourself look like a smarty pants.

      • Wolf Haylee

        And you don’t know the first thing about Photoshop you douche. The pic are fake, the pic on the controller is actually from a demo of the unreal engine, which you can find on ign. So before you give you’re forensic analysis of something you think is real and insulting someone trying using Google first, you Fucking asshole…..

        • Sky Hawk

          Except that, these images have already been proven to NOT have been photoshopped. Nice try though. This is a prototype controller clearly. Doesn’t seem very “comfortable” but does seem elegant.

          • Conan5050

            Lol…except they WERE photoshopped. How embarrassingly wrong are you at the moment right now. What made you think it was proven to NOT be photoshop. I would love to hear your reasons?

  • ActivesiN

    I’m gonna go ahead and say this is probably fake

  • iam16bits

    I don’t know about this, it looks fake. The lighting on the screen doesn’t look consistent with the lighting on the controller and the analogue sticks look like they were photoshopped into there.

    Also not to be an asshole but you misspelled “exclusively”.

  • Captain Clutch

    Oh god no.

  • Anthony Yanez

    No handles like in the patent?

    • Derek Dean Rumpler

      It could be a prototype.

  • Russ Palk

    I hope thats not real. Because it looks gay

  • Bobbbbby5

    So what makes you say this is a controller for a console?
    The source doesn’t specify. And the patent(s) that this is based off of don’t specify either.

    Actually, I take that back. The patent with the freeform display kind of makes it clear that it’s a standalone piece of hardware or in other words, a handheld.
    I encourage you to actually look over the patent again. Unless you really want to believe that a controller will feature things like CPU and RAM.

  • Jon

    Gotta love how the two images are exactly alike.

  • Powermad80

    This is painfully fake and thank god because digital on-screen buttons is about as horrible an idea for a game controller as you can get.

    • Derek Dean Rumpler

      With the proper haptics your brain won’t even notice.

      • Mrs Doubtfire

        I think the curvature of REAL buttons makes a difference. Don’t tell me we’re living in the matrix.

        • Derek Dean Rumpler

          With proper haptics it would simulate the curvature of a real button. Again, with proper haptics your brain won’t even notice.

          • Sky Hawk

            –You’re spot on. This may be the perfect elliptical / haptic idea if it in fact is complete and whole. Even the potential for feeling “texture” is possible

        • Derek Dean Rumpler
      • omnichad

        And that’s why your finger will slide right off the button. This doesn’t create friction.

  • Cuerex

    mark my words.

    they use a literal cutting edge, approximately 8 inch, oval shaped, oled screen with the pixel density of 720 with an always active 3D mode and tactile touchscreen

    • Fierce_Deity_link

      if this is what it turns out to be fuck yes. this will be the ultimate cutting edge gaming device and the controls will be modable to make it work perfectly.

  • Eduardo Shiroma

    Wow! It is FUGLY!

  • shmuga9

    I hope it’s fake or an old controller type that they’ve ditched or Nintendo will forever stay a niche console. Looks too small and not comfortable, no tactile buttons, and even if they add them in after the screen will look stupid having all of these buttons block your view (or your thumbs).

    Nintendo, your “innovations” are exactly what’s keeping you from becoming successful. The Wii phase is over, those people have moved on. The majority of kids aren’t interested in your games, only diehard fans like myself, and you’ve added yet another piece of hardware that will jack up the price that you won’t take advantage of and that third parties will avoid because they don’t want to have to make some unnecessary functionality because it’s a core part of your system. You’ve likely screwed yourself this gen. People are going to look at that controller and avoid it because it looks uncomfortable and the system probably costs as much if not more than the competition.

    • okay dokay

      It is a obvious fake stop with that pointless rage.

  • WEL

    this is looking like a failure in the making then.

  • Saul Martinez

    I believe it to be true. Nintendo has used that sketch in some wii u controller prototype patents. Also Nintendo is known for developing all kinds of crazy prototypes before settling for a controller.

  • Marty Bryant

    Gotta be fake..Their’s no handles like the patent shows under the hands. also the patent doesn’t show scroll wheels like the article says..shows buttons you press if you ask me. And why doesn’t the patent show all the stuff at the bottom like the speakers/camera/mic…And I have most of nintendo’s systems and none have speaker openings that big for something to fall into. And knowing nintendo their would be A big nintendo logo right on that big charge cable thing…where you can see it from a pic like this.

  • Adam Wassilchalk

    What’s happening in the upper left corner though? I might be wrong, but i’ve never seen a stylus like that before. And whatever metal thing is in the corner, I need to know what it is.

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      It’s probably the source’s art tablet. If he’s a game developer, it’s very likely. Hell, he could be lots of things and have an art tablet lying around, I’m a writer and I’ve got a Wacom Intuos lying next to me.

  • tubers

    Looks like a rear view mirror 😛

  • Masso

    the screen looks like a printed image pasted on the pastic xD, I say it’s “fake and gay”

    • Eyes OnPies

      Imagine it was real and had LGBT for buttons.



  • Maskedpainter

    faker than a barbie doll.

  • Michael_Ponder_JR

    It looks super uncomfortable.

  • Kereke12

    It seems real to me, it looks exactly like the patents that were released a while ago and I mean exactly like it. I truly hope Nintendo doesn’t make the same mistake again and make this as the main controller. I hope they make it as a accessory for the console.

    • Jim McMaster

      All the more reason it’s probably fake. That picture isn’t a blueprint for a planned controller, it’s a proof of concept scetch they submitted with the patent as an idea of what the patented idea MIGHT look like when implemented.

  • Robot Zombie Games

    Looks fake and bisexual

  • Matt Henzel
    • Eyes OnPies

      Nintendo is taking us back to the future.

    • Luis


    • autigers2010champs


    • Fear Monkey

      haha :)

    • Matt Champagne

      i just woke up the family laughing at this, that was amazing thinking.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Sorry, that’s fake as hell.

  • 요티모시

    it doesnt even have face buttons.

  • ace-meza

    WTF is wrong with you nintendo?

  • drew

    April first comes sooner and sooner every year.

  • Eintopf Mitschinken

    Some people think this is real because the faker recreated the controller from the patent. (And because in today’s bad gaming journalism, every rumor is a “leak”)
    But let me remind you that Nintendo did patent an idea, not a design. They could have also drawn it in box- or star-shape and it wouldn’t make no difference for what they wanted to achive: To claim an idea.
    Like many more Nintendo patents, we will prabably never see those sketches becomming a real product.

  • Faisal Hussain

    Destructoid leaked this an hour before you. ‘Exclusive’ my ass

  • Sjift

    I really hope for the sake of Nintendo, that this is fake, because it looks so bad and uncomfortable. If this is their new controller, I’m officially done with Nintendo

  • Mrs Doubtfire

    If the whole front panel is a screen (bar the joy sticks.. ) wouldn’t this make this more like a phone?

  • Derek Hardin

    I think the rotation is off on top pic. Why put the camera lens on the bottom? It would be on top, white cable would be on bottom.

    • diqus sucks

      cables to plug controllers in are almost alwys on the top, facing the console in front of you.

      To give the player more screen to work with, the strip is at the bottom because looking up or forward is more important. Not saying its real. Just saying how it is in the pic makes the most sense

      • Derek Hardin

        The Dreamcast controller had the cord on the bottom. And actually that controller was pretty tight, though a little clunky on the top.

  • Luis

    If this is real than Im not interested sorry nintendo.

  • bobby

    Fake and phony m9.

  • Cynthia Acevedo

    Oh God plz let this be fake. I hate this controller.

  • NOSQEY .

    That’s fake,but if it’s real then nintendo have learned nothing from the wii u.
    Gimmicks do not sell consoles.

    • SolarShane13

      So Wii sold horribly?

      • NOSQEY .

        No the wii sold very well,but i’m not talking about the wii.
        All i am saying is that controller like the gamepad is a gimmick,if that is the nx controller.Don’t get me wrong i loved the wii u,i bought two and the gamepad was a good controller but the screen was a gimmick.Nintendo could have put the money developing and manufacturing the gamepad into a more powerful wii u.I have owned every console nintendo have made.I just want a console that is more powerful than the ps4,that 3rd party developers are happy to make games for so i don’t have to keep buying 3 consoles per gen.

        • SolarShane13

          You claimed gimmicks don’t sell and Wii was a gimmick so…..

          • NOSQEY .

            No,the wii was innovative,but even then the nun chuck used to get on my wick.
            I guess i’m just a purist i like to play video games the traditional way,tv,console,joy pad.I’m sure the nx will be special,just a bit tired of the wait for the reveal.

  • Adachi

    It better have a bunch of buttons at the back, because touchscreen buttons are the absolute worst

  • Rai_TheNoblesse

    worrying if after button smashing the thumbs won’t hurt…., and really hope it has at least 2 sets of trigger buttons (if not 3, for the future)

  • Camino De Regreso Banda

    Fake as it gets. I noticed the sticks seem to be sticked,lol. They looked guled to the surface of the controller with no possibility of movement.

  • autigers2010champs

    I have one of these already its called the Playstation Vita

  • Andrew

    Fake , Nintendo ultra, gameXplain, and even technobuffalo all are say this fake!

  • Andrew

    I see 5 things wrong with this Image
    1. It almost is to perfect to the parent
    2. It’s missing both shoulder buttons and handles
    3. No physical buttons
    4. It’s using an old unreal engine 4 image
    5. Camera in wrong spot.

  • Andrew

    This is more like it.

  • IceKoldKilla

    Fake. That patent is from last year and this dude just made it semi-real to make it seem legit with that patent.

  • jdwii

    Faker then trump universality

  • Mr. Arthur S. Rowan

    Looks weird but that cable looks almost like a NES Four Score plug (only smaller).
    Nintendo likes to mix and recycle their older designs…

  • diqus sucks

    Do you think it’s possible that the screen could still have buttons? Like a pressure sensitive spot with an extrusion for you to press like an actual button? I’d actually be down for that

  • Jemimerz

    looks fake look at the joystick outline its pixelated it looks photoshopped

  • Sergio Fernandes Oliveira

    I know Nintendo is capable to make this shit,my pray goes to the Nintendo familly..