DP and Play launch
21 Nov 2014

Dual Pixels Relaunch & Play By Dual Pixels™ Launching

Welcome to the new DualPixels.com. For 2014 and beyond, as you can see, we change our physique a bit but more importantly we’re very, VERY excited about the future. Essentially, the new site is sleeker looking with a new logo to support the minimal and clean feel we wanted to

10 Sep 2014

Destiny Breaks $500 Million In Sales In 1 Day

Destiny, Bungie’s new IP, published by Activision is set to be yet another billion dollar franchise in their financial ecosystem. Activision is ecstatic about data from only one day on the market that shows the Bungie shooter has generated over $500 million in sales. That staggering figure is absolutely unheard

27 Aug 2014

GammaTech Introduces DURABOOK P24 Series

In the rapidly evolving world we live in, space is a commodity. With more and more folks working from home, there has to be compromises when you drag your office into your living space. All-in-one computer models such as GammaTech’s new P24 series provide some of the space saving convenience

27 Aug 2014

Jabra’s Sport Pulse Wireless Makes Working Out Smart

Jabra just made your workouts more intelligent with their new Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds. Sound enthusiasts will love the Dolby Digital sound projecting from the earbuds, but more conveniently athletes or any common person exercising will have real time coaching thanks to the ‘Jabra Sport Life’ app that plans, tracks

HyperX Cloud _white-cropped
18 Aug 2014

HyperX Cloud White Edition Gaming Headset

HyperX’s successful Cloud Gaming Headset is now available in a clean white aesthetic. For those of you who’ve been around here before, you might’ve remembered my HyperX Cloud review seen here; the new white iteration of the headset packs all the same goodness and unforgettably, those comfortable velour ear cups.

12 Aug 2014

NBA 2K15’s Full Soundtrack Revealed

Pharrell Williams has taken over music duties on NBA 2K15 as he curated the entire soundtrack. Today 2K revealed soundtrack which you can enjoy today on Spotify. Check out the tracklist below and visit Spotify to listen: http://2kgam.es/NBA2K15SoundtrackSpotify A Tribe Called Quest Scenario Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force Planet Rock Basement

11 Aug 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trailer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer was revealed today, and most notably if Titanfall and Battlefield 4 had feelings they’d be pissed. Advanced Warfare looks as futuristic as the name suggests. The trailer is filled with jetpack wearing armored personnel, rapid firing SMGs with holographic scopes, portable drone killstreaks, and

07 Aug 2014

First NBA 2K15 Gameplay Featuring Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has taken over NBA 2K15! NBA 2K15 will be the first native NBA title to release on next-gen consoles; NBA 2K devs didn’t have much time to play with the new hardware although NBA 2K14 on PS4 & Xbox One were still great playing games. Never short of

23 Jul 2014

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Is A Street Fighter Influenced Tour | Trailer

Capcom is Sponsering Drake Vs. Lil Wayne a concert tour with none other than…Drake and Lil Wayne. This out of the blue collaboration seems odd at first but makes a bit of sense if you look at it from the perspective of Capcom trying to raise their “cool factor” within

14 Jul 2014

Mega Metagross Gameplay Trailer | Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

Yup, it floats like a Magnemite. Mega Metagross has been formally unveiled by Nintendo of America in a trailer featuring not only this new Mega Evolution, but the return of Hoenn’s beloved gym leaders and Elite Four. Those of you who played the original Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire may be

14 Jul 2014

Raiden Is Next In Mortal Kombat X

Raiden is bringing a trillion watts to Mortal Kombat X. His debut trailer shows some ridiculous air trap kombos in addition to his signature teleport and tackle attack that would make the most fearsome Pikachu jealous. Raiden looks to be a character that will pressure your mobility by throwing lightning

14 Jul 2014

Captain Falcon, Lucina & Robin Enter Super Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS

Captain Falcon a Super Smash Bros vet returns but is accompanied by two newcomers Lucina & Robin both from the Fire Emblem series. Falcon is no suprise but Lucina & Robin bump the Fire emblem cast’s final tally up to four (including Marth & Ike) which is pretty surprising considering