20 Dec 2014

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to be Rated M in North America

For a first in the series, Final Fantasy Type-0 is going to be rated M for Mature. The ESRB gave it the M rating for blood, drug references, suggestive themes, and violence. You can check out the newest trailer for Type-0 fresh from Japan’s Jump Festa 2015 event here:  

Bloodbourne_DP8 - Copy
18 Dec 2014

New Bloodbourne (PS4) Screens

Here are some new screens of Bloodbourne the spiritual successor to Demon Soul developed by Fromsoftware. The screens show off Chalice Dungeon which provide hours of bonus content that can be played with friend check out the screens below and tune back to Dual Pixels for the latest news on

17 Dec 2014

Miyamoto Interview: Star Fox Wii U

After a brief introduction, where Miyamoto discusses Mario Maker, the new Zelda video from The Game Awards and talks about the fully integrated Hyrule therein – he reveals confirmations and announcements for the imminent Star Fox title. iJustine, looking a wee bit awkward with a palpable language barrier, works Miyamoto

16 Dec 2014

City Interactive announces Sniper: Ghost Warrior III

City Interactive isn’t a name you commonly hear. The international Polish publisher has been the house that have released a variety of cult classics in recent years. Today, the team was proud to announce Sniper: Ghost Warrior III, a new, next-generation installment of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.  According to

ScorpionChristmas 90%
16 Dec 2014

Christmas Miracle | Scorpion “Dominoes” Review

Scorpion’s twelfth episode, “Dominoes,” proves to be an intense one! The episode starts off with some small talk at the garage. Paige brings Christmas decorations and gifts for the Scorpion team. It seems that none of them have ever had a good Christmas. Hopefully this Christmas can be different. Unfortunately,

15 Dec 2014

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Announced

Namco Bandai has just revealed that Cyber Connect 2 will be developing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. While the Naruto Manga has just ended, the latest iteration of the Ultimate Storm series looks to bring the one-on-one fighting franchise to the next gen.

15 Dec 2014

DmC Definitive Edition Coming To PS4 & Xbox One

Ninja Theory has just revealed, on The Official PlayStation Blog, that “the new” Dante will be coming to our Next Gen Consoles. Ninja Theory has been teasing a game reveal for the last week or so, and it appears this was the big reveal. While this new version of Dante

Constantine - Season 1 95%
15 Dec 2014

Constantine “The Saint of Last Resorts” Review

Constantine’s eighth episode, “The Saint of Last Resorts,” takes us outside of the United States, down to Mexico City. Ann Marie, a nun in a convent in Mexico, finds that a baby has been taken by something, while the mother was slaughtered. Ann Marie ends up in Constantine’s house asking

The Man In The Yellow Suit 95%
10 Dec 2014

Wells… | The Flash “The Man In The Yellow Suit” Review

The mid-season finale episode of The Flash, “The Man In The Yellow Suit,” provided us with the reveal of The Reverse Flash, which was such a great reveal. But, the real strength of the episode was delving into Barry Allen’s psyche. The Flash does such a great job of giving

Scorpion_Revenge 90%
09 Dec 2014

Emotion takes the Wheel | Scorpion “Revenge” Review

Scorpion’s eleventh episode, “Revenge,” starts with thieves, in animal masks, breaking into a safe manufacturer. Even though the manager tries to calmly explain that they don’t have anything in the safes, he is shot and killed. The thieves use water to figure out the combination to one of the safes.

08 Dec 2014

Nintendo – Is the Third-Party Over?

In our coverage of PSX 2014, we brought you confirmation of Street Fighter V slated for exclusive release on Playstation and PC. While the news has been witnessed by jubilant fans and industry analysts alike as the welcome return of a prodigal beat-em-up son; for me, it touched on a pertinent

08 Dec 2014

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Delayed (Again)

There’s no doubt that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is CD Projekt RED’s most ambitious title to date. Claiming to be both larger and more lively than the most recently heralded open-world RPG, Skyrim, the hype has been continually raised with each and every spectacular showing of the game. From