SRreview-FI 66.67%
03 Mar 2015

Please Stay Seated | ScreamRide Review

Can ScreamRide keep you on the edge of your seat? Or does it merely offer cheap thrills? ScreamRide is divided into two main parts. The first is a campaign mode which is made up of three different game play styles. The other portion of the game is a Sandbox mode,

the_order__1886_wallpaper_by_de_monvarela-d770vf9 81.25%
02 Mar 2015

The Order: 1886 | Review

I played the Order: 1886 for two reasons, to determine why it had been received negatively by many outlets and because the cornerstones of the game that Ready at Dawn had created had enraptured me since its announcement trailer two E3s ago. Those two things being said, I will do

The Blacklist 85%
02 Mar 2015

Big Game | The Blacklist “The Deer Hunter” Review

The hunter becomes the hunted in The Blacklist’s “The Deer Hunter.” Raymond Reddington and the FBI Task Force are on the case of a serial killer who has murdered 12 people in over a decade. Lizzie even gives us the background of the case while she’s presenting the particulars at

Jungle Rumble 61.67%
26 Feb 2015

A Slippery Climb | Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas Vita Review

Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas is the latest rhythm game to grace Sony’s Playstation Vita, and while rhythm games have found success on Sony platforms, Jungle Rumble doesn’t make a strong case for playing on the handheld versus a smartphone. Story In Jungle Rumble, you tap to the 4-measure

GothamRedHood 80%
25 Feb 2015

Eye For an Eye | Gotham “Red Hood” Review

After the Joker reveal during last week’s episode, this week’s showing, “Red Hood” did little to convince us that we actually met the “real Joker.” But, it did provide us with a pretty good episode. The Red Hood Gang was the main protagonist in this episode, but the show made

ScorpionGoingSouth 90%
25 Feb 2015

Dancing in the Streets | Scorpion “Going South” Review

Scorpion’s seventeenth episode of its premiere season, “Going South,” takes our genius team down to Mexico. Walter takes a case from a prominent businessman. Richard Elia is a billionaire whose daughter was kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico. He paid a two million dollar ransom to get her back,

1-2 75%
23 Feb 2015

Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Review

We have seen many remasters entering this generation of consoles and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round(DOA5:LR) continues the trend. Dead or Alive 5 has had a few updates already and Koei Tecmo has decided to release its final version which is subtitled Last Round. What makes DOA5:LR shine in this remaster edition

The Blacklist 95%
21 Feb 2015

Life in a Cult | The Blacklist “The Kenyon Family” Review

The Blacklist’s twelfth episode, “The Kenyon Family,” showcases everything that makes The Blacklist a hit show. We were treated to a very creepy polygamist cult led by Justin Kenyon. On his property, Kenyon had multiple storage containers for the criminals of the world. These storage containers mostly held a plethora

TheFlashFallout 100%
18 Feb 2015

BOOM! | The Flash “Fallout” Review

“Fallout” is the second half of the episode that aired last week, “The Nuclear Man,” and what an episode it turned out to be. The Flash has easily been the best comic book TV show thus far. It seems to hit all the right points, is able to juggle multiple

GothamBlindFortuneteller 85%
17 Feb 2015

A Clown and An Acrobat | Gotham “The Blind Fortune Teller” Review

Gotham’s 16th episode, “The Blind Fortune Teller,” hit us with a knockout punch, one which we’ve seen a mile away. Of course, you all know with the vast amount of commercials for the show, that the Joker was revealed in this episode. Supposedly…Probably….Maybe? Everything leads us to believe that we

ConstantineWaitingForTheMan 90%
16 Feb 2015

The End as We Know It? | Constantine “Waiting for the Man” Review

Constantine delivered its final episode, “Waiting for the Man,” of its first season Friday night. There were definitely too many unanswered questions for this to be the end of Constantine. The actors have done such good jobs in portraying these characters that I would hate to see this be the

The Blacklist 80%
13 Feb 2015

Looking Out for No. 1 | The Blacklist “Ruslan Denisov” Review

The Blacklist’s eleventh episode, “Ruslan Denisov,” takes us to Uzbekistan. The episode opens with assumed criminals entering a church. They assault the priest who tells them that he is a simple man. The leader of the group scoffs at him, hands him a satellite phone, and tells him to talk