BFHL-fi 70%
26 Mar 2015

In the Line of Duty | Battlefield: Hardline Review

Battlefield Hardline is the first time the Battlefield series goes behind the badge. But when the dust is settled is the game a Law and Order contender, or is it just an NYPD BLEW? Story is Battlefield Hardline’s weakest attribute. It’s stuck somewhere between trying to be an in-your-face action movie

TheFlashRogueTime 95%
25 Mar 2015

Lightning Psychosis? | The Flash “Rogue Time” Review

“Rogue Time” is the second half of the outstanding episode from last week which introduced time travel. Time travel is such a tricky idea to work with because no two instances are the same. Luckily, “Rogue Time” did a great job of accurately showing the ripple effect Barry’s actions had

ScorpionEp19 90%
24 Mar 2015

Burning Love | Scorpion “Young Hearts Spark Fire” Review

Scorpion’s 19th episode, “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” features six hikers who are lost in a Los Angeles forest. Unluckily for them, the Santa Ana winds are picking up and making their trail nearly impossible to find. Now, it’s time to call in the Scorpion team. At the garage, Toby is

The Blacklist 90%
22 Mar 2015

Love and Murder | The Blacklist “Tom Keen” Review

The latest person on The Blacklist, “Tom Keen,” made his debut episode as an official number on The Blacklist. And if the numbers on Red’s list mean anything, then Tom ranks high being number 7. Tom starts off the episode being rather brutal. We catch up with Tom in Germany

21 Mar 2015

Happy Birthday Dual Pixels!

4 years ago this weekend Dual Pixels was born. We are so grateful to have loyal and awesome fans such as you.  Although it seems like we conquered a lot there is till much more to tackle.  We have some big plans for this year and we are stoked you

20 Mar 2015

Spotlight: Kirby | Absurdity in Dream Land

A pink blob, a purple blob, an anthropomorphised tree with an excessively large nose. The pink blob inhales quantities of matter, foreign bodies, hostile figures like a demonic vacuum cleaner and then changes shape, costume and abilities based on the absorbed matter in an unknown and unexplained type of digestion resulting in

NEW- Bladestorm Nightmare_Key Art2 68.33%
20 Mar 2015

An Epic Stalemate | Bladestorm: Nightmare Review

A war rages amongst two warring countries (France and England) and their allies over the rightful successor of the French Throne, a war composed of various battles lasting a total of 116 years. Such a monumental battle which gave us figureheads of history such as Joan of Arc and Edward

TheFlashOutofTime 100%
18 Mar 2015

Revelations | The Flash “Out Of Time” Review

Revelations | The Flash “Out Of Time” Review The Flash is back and in a very big way in the latest episode, “ Out of Time.” I had my fears of The Flash coming out of its mid season break as strongly as it had gone in, but it is

DW8Er-FI 50%
18 Mar 2015

The Empire Lies in Ruins | Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review

Dynasty Warriors is a long running series that I have never really played. When I worked at GameStop, the series would have their small group of dedicated fans that would come in and excitedly ask for the next iteration. Often I would look perplexed at the endless titles, rivaling Street

The Blacklist 85%
14 Mar 2015

Back to School | The Blacklist “The Major” Review 

The latest episode of The Blacklist, “The Major,” was a pretty big departure from the typical formula for The Blacklist. This episode is a great way for people to get caught up on season one as well as the first part of season two. We got to see a few

ScorpionOnceBitten 80%
10 Mar 2015

Call of the Wild | Scorpion “Once Bitten, Twice Die” Review

The Scorpion team is on the case in “Once Bitten, Twice Die.” Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia are in peace talks before a war breaks out, and they just so happen to be having these discussions on US soil. Cabe and the Scorpion team are brought in to help keep the

The Blacklist 90%
07 Mar 2015

All in the Family | The Blacklist “T. Earl King VI” Review

The Blacklist delivers more teasing and anticipation in “T. Earl King VI.” Here comes another highly dysfunctional family. We first meet the Kings after one of their auctions two years earlier on Jekyll Island, aptly named I might add. After the totals are tallied the winner is crowned. The loser