22 Jul 2015

NBA 2K16 is Reviving College Basketball in the Digital Form

It’s early 2014, and my friends and I are sitting in his bedroom playing a game I never touched and never thought I would touch: NCAA Basketball 2010. The last game in EA Sports’ college basketball series came out almost five years prior at that point, and the series was long

14 Jun 2015

Rumor: Battletoads Leaked?

Where there’s smoke there’s fire…right? Battletoads has been spreading across the rumor spectrum for quite some time, and we have some fuel to add to that fire. We’ve seen a memo, which can be seen below, that alludes to the fact that Battletoads is indeed a thing. The screenshot shows

04 Feb 2015

Gold and Silver Amiibo

Images have arisen of a new line of Amiibos from Nintendo. As if the consumer craze needed any more bolstering, Gold and Silver Amiibos from the Super Mario line seem to be in production and the process of distribution. The source of this information is a safety certificate issued by

25 Sep 2014

Rumor: Multiplayer Details for Bloodborne Leaked!

Looks like someone has leaked some multiplayer details for Bloodborne, coming from someone over at Reddit. A few things on that list regards to difficulty as it was a big topic, many fans wondered if certain gameplay mechanics would make Bloodborne more casual compared to the Souls series. Check out

27 Mar 2014

Is The Last Of Us Coming To PS4?

During an interview with CNN Turkey, Sercan Sulun, PlayStation Software Market Manager at Sony Eurasia, said this in regards to a question about The Last Of Us, “No, sequel is not coming right now as far as I know but I can say that first game will be released this

Next Gen Unreal Concept
06 Jan 2014

Rumor: Information On Next Gen Pokemon Games, Dubbed “Pokemon Plus” & “Pokemon Minus”

Update 1/13/2014: Tweets made by author that express that the game isn’t necessarily for Wii U, and more information to come within the next two days. About the #Pokemon rumor I posted, it may not be for Wii U. Stay tuned for details. — Alexander J Maier (@alexdualpixels) January 13, 2014  

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27 Dec 2013

Resistance Trilogy online modes to Ride off into the Sunset (Shutdown)

It’s a sad day for gamers that played the Resistance Games. Announced Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America officially confirmed that the online modes for the entire Resistance Trilogy will go offline on March 28, 2014. Yep. One of the biggest features of the games ,for a trilogy that helped establish the

08 Sep 2013

Sony Promising ” The news we’ve all been waiting for” Tomorrow.

After a Summer of stellar announcements, new developments, and increasing excitement, how can things possibly get better for Sony and the PlayStation brand? Well, none of us know right now but we’ll find that answer out tomorrow.   Various news sites, including PlayStation fan site, The Sixth Axis, are reporting

23 Apr 2013

More New Pokémon Type Rumors

Talk of a new type has been the most discussed mystery in anticipation for the upcoming Pokémon X/Y, due this October. The latest suggestion: Fairy. Could this be the answer to Sylveon? and possibly the new legendaries? If it was Fairy, what would that make our beloved Clefairy? What would

05 Apr 2013

The New Xbox Forces You To Play Online

Well we been hearing rumors about features in the Next Xbox (Codenamed: Durango) a bit after the Playstation 4 revealed itself a month ago. One rumor has been stirring the community up and its the idea that The Next Xbox will have to always be online. Meaning that to play

24 Mar 2013

Rumor: Sony at PAX EAST Recruiting Vita Titles

I’ve spent a lot of time at PAX talking to different indie devs and sitting in panels determined to complete a couple of my own missions. One of the main missions had to do with looking for any potential titles to be ported to the Playstation Vita; an amazing handheld

26 Feb 2013

Developers Hinting At “No More Used Games” On Microsoft’s Latest Console

While things couldn’t get any worst for gamers since the time of the initial cost of games going up to $60. Microsoft new console has been getting alot of buzz lately about no used games at all even before the systems unveil. Developers are claiming that there is a possibility