Photo from the episode "The Apothecary" 85%
28 Feb 2017

Traitor in the Family | The Blacklist “The Apothecary” Review

Reddington is getting desperate knowing that someone in his inner circle is out to get him. He invites all of them to a dinner party. Red wakes up the next day in a hospital bed, barely able to breathe. The clock is on to find out who poisoned Red and

Photo from the episode "The Architect" 85%
23 Feb 2017

Friendly Faces | The Blacklist “The Architect” Review

It seems that The Blacklist writers have been paying attention. They bring us another truly evil blacklister in “The Architect.” The Architect designs, constructs, and executes the perfect crime. He goes to extreme lengths to make sure that they never get caught. Now, he’s in Philadelphia recruiting hackers of an

Photo from the episode "Isabella Stone" 85%
15 Feb 2017

Crumbling Empire | The Blacklist “Isabella Stone” Review

Raymond Reddington is under attack, so he enlists help from the FBI task force to track down Isabella Stone. Tom’s father, Howard Hargrave, was killed in a plane crash, and despite his initial wish, he starts to dig into his family and his childhood. Ressler deals with a family emergency.

Photo from the episode "Natalie Luca" 85%
09 Feb 2017

Contagious | The Blacklist “Natalie Luca” Review

The Blacklist gives us a woman who has been put in an impossible situation. Even worse, Natalie Luca finds herself in Red’s crosshairs when it’s discovered that she’s the one behind the death of his accountant. Meanwhile, Samar and Aram have interesting discussions about equal pay in the workplace. When

Photo from the episode "The Harem" 90%
23 Jan 2017

Girl Power | The Blacklist “The Harem” Review

The Blacklist puts Liz undercover in “The Harem,” this week, and she gets more than she bargained for while on assignment. Red works on a business deal, and there’s still no sign of Mr. Kaplan. The rest of the task force and Tom Keen were background characters in order to

Photo from the episode "The Forecaster" 80%
16 Jan 2017

Premonitions | The Blacklist “The Forecaster” Review

The Blacklist brings us a new criminal, The Forecaster, but Raymond Reddington doesn’t seem to know anything about him. This may be a first. Elizabeth finds a strange diorama outside the door or her new apartment. The diorama depicts a gruesome death. A couple hours later, they realize that the

Photo from the episode "Lipet's Seafood Company" 85%
14 Jan 2017

Mossad | The Blacklist “Lipet’s Seafood Company” Review

The Blacklist returned from their midseason break with “Lipet’s Seafood Company.” An Algerian terrorist is on the loose in the United States, and he’s about to get his hands on dangerous technology, technology that could build a nasty bomb. Before his right hand man, Farook, can get his hands on

Photo from the episode "Dr. Adrian Shaw" 90%
15 Nov 2016

Fathers | The Blacklist “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion” Review

The Blacklist pulled out all of the stops in its fall finale with “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion.” When we left off last week, Liz just found out that she’s not Alexander Kirk’s daughter and can’t help to save him. Kirk puts his escape plan in motion, and Red warns Liz

Photo from the episode "Dr. Adrian Shaw" 85%
07 Nov 2016

The Coroner | The Blacklist “Dr. Adrian Shaw” Review

The Blacklist keeps up the mystery with “Dr. Adrian Shaw.” Alexander Kirk’s health is diminishing, and Liz is in quite the dilemma. Meanwhile, Raymond Reddington has been keeping up his manipulation of the FBI task force. Red brings a new blacklister to Liz, but she doesn’t really want a new

Photo from the episode "The Thrushes" 90%
30 Oct 2016

One Step Ahead | The Blacklist “The Thrushes” Review

The Blacklist has finally confirmed a few things. First, we know that Kirk is Liz’s father, despite Red’s constant doubt. We also know that the FBI officially has a mole who is feeding information back to Kirk. This is how Kirk has been one step ahead this whole time. Of

Photo from the episode "The Lindquist Concern" 85%
25 Oct 2016

Greed | The Blacklist “The Lindquist Concern” Review

The Blacklist has been doing a great job at giving us Blacklisters who aren’t quite black and white. In the beginning, these villain of the week types were despicable and did horrible things. Now, it seems that some of these blacklisters have decent intentions but then get carried away. This

Photo from the episode "Gaia" 85%
16 Oct 2016

Eco Terror | The Blacklist “Gaia” Review

The Blacklist gave us a new adversary who isn’t so black and white. Gaia is a stealth eco terrorist. He thinks that people are destroying the Earth, so he takes matters into his own hands. He makes a point to create accidents, so people focus on the environmental issues as