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08 Jan 2016

Subzero | Scorpion “White Out” Review

Scorpion debuted after its winter break with “White Out,” reminding us that no matter what our climate is like right now, it could be worse. Part of the Scorpion team had to travel to the South Pole to help out a group of soldiers. Also, it’s a new year for

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18 Dec 2015

Christmas Miracle | Scorpion “Dam Breakthrough” Review

Team Scorpion is getting into the holiday spirit in “Dam Breakthrough.” Paige is trying to spread the Christmas cheer, but Walter is still having trouble letting go of Megan. Now, a dam threatens to flood an entire city killing 100,000 people. This sounds like a job for the Scorpion team.

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11 Dec 2015

Time Capsule | Scorpion “Old College Try” Review

Team Scorpion goes back to school in “The Old College Try.” It’s been six weeks since Megan passed, and now, it’s time for the Scorpion team to take on a new case. Deputy Director Cooper brings the Scorpion team a hacking case that originated at Oceanside University. Paige is the

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25 Nov 2015

Bacteria Man | Scorpion “Arrivals and Departures” Review

Scorpion’s fall finale, “Arrivals and Departures,” held nothing back. It was heart pounding and heart breaking. There was something for everyone in this episode, and I think we can all relate to family drama. What a great episode for Scorpion fans, and if you haven’t been watching, time to start!

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18 Nov 2015

Double Take | Scorpion “US vs. UN vs. UK” Review

Scorpion delivered an action packed, twist filled episode in “US vs. UN vs. UK.” The team was approached by British Intelligence, MI6, to help take down a gun runner who is responsible for many deaths. On the less thrilling side, we also get to see a little bit more of

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12 Nov 2015

Little Green Men | Scorpion “Area 51” Review

The Scorpion team finds themselves in a lot of trouble this episode in more ways than one. “Area 51” takes these geniuses to the most secure base in the U.S. And during this whole case, Megan is suffering in her hospital room. Thankfully, Sylvester is by her side, while the

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03 Nov 2015

Running Hot | Scorpion “Crazy Train” Review

Scorpion tested a lot of emotions in their latest episode, “Crazy Train.” The episode starts out with the team trying to convince Toby not to do something stupid. It seems like a case, but rather, it is Toby’s first boxing match. The entire Scorpion team shows up, except Happy. Toby

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28 Oct 2015

What Would Ray Do? | Scorpion “Tech, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll” Review

Scorpion had their first 90 minute episode with “Tech, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll.” This episode was both heart stopping and heart breaking. The team was truly tested in easily one of their biggest challenges to date. Richard Elias, brilliant billionaire, is back and asking Team Scorpion for help with

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20 Oct 2015

Fallout | Scorpion “Super Fun Guys” Review

Scorpion isn’t pulling any punches with “Super Fun Guys.” The crew, sans Sylvester, head to Kazakhstan where they are working to find a stolen Soviet era nuke before it falls into the wrong hands. Sylvester stays home to be with Megan before she undergoes a deep brain stimulation procedure to

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22 Apr 2015

A Perfect Finale | Scorpion “Postcards from the Edge” Review

Well if you tuned in for last week’s episode, it was hard to wait for “Postcards from the Edge.” Cabe resigned, Paige left, and Walter is hanging over a cliff with no one the wiser. The rest of the disbanded team is frustrated and trying to hold on to something.

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31 Mar 2015

One of Their Own | Scorpion “Crossroads” Review

Scorpion brings more thrills in “Crossroads.” Paige is watching the news reporting about the trial of a prominent drug cartel leader. There is a witness, Maya Hernandez, who is set to testify against him. Walter gets a phone call about a new case and just points to the TV saying

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24 Mar 2015

Burning Love | Scorpion “Young Hearts Spark Fire” Review

Scorpion’s 19th episode, “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” features six hikers who are lost in a Los Angeles forest. Unluckily for them, the Santa Ana winds are picking up and making their trail nearly impossible to find. Now, it’s time to call in the Scorpion team. At the garage, Toby is