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18 Aug 2015

Jabra Sport Coach Review

Chances are if you’re a runner, or do any type of cardio activity you know the gut-wrenching feeling of knocking your earbuds out your ear and crushing them or worst doing the same to your iPhone. Music and fitness go together like the Moon and ocean tides; it’s the rhythm

27 Jul 2015

Razer Buys Ouya, Co-Founder/CEO Steps Down

The now former Chief Executive of Ouya, and founder, Julie Uhrman has made official what financial reports have hinted at for a long time: Ouya has been bought by Razer. The outgoing CEO confirmed the acquisition over Twitter and thanked Razer. Rumors that Ouya was seeking a buyer started in

27 Aug 2014

GammaTech Introduces DURABOOK P24 Series

In the rapidly evolving world we live in, space is a commodity. With more and more folks working from home, there has to be compromises when you drag your office into your living space. All-in-one computer models such as GammaTech’s new P24 series provide some of the space saving convenience

27 Aug 2014

Jabra’s Sport Pulse Wireless Makes Working Out Smart

Jabra just made your workouts more intelligent with their new Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds. Sound enthusiasts will love the Dolby Digital sound projecting from the earbuds, but more conveniently athletes or any common person exercising will have real time coaching thanks to the ‘Jabra Sport Life’ app that plans, tracks

30 Jun 2014

Get iPhone 6 Ready With PhoneSuit Flex-XT Pocket Charger

PhoneSuit is releasing a solution to our dreary iPhone 5/5S batteries lives that isn’t as ugly as the case charger you had your eye on. Promising an extra 150% of battery life, the Flex-XT Pocket Charger is slightly bigger than your standard card reader while still being functional with your

18 Jun 2014

LifeCHARGE Gold iPhone 5/5S Battery Case Review

Picture your day in the city, music in your ears, catching up on some pretty sweet sales while out shopping, grabbing Chipotle for lunch; then you notice your iPhone is on 2%. Now despite your day going well so far, you made more plans for the afternoon that included linking

16 May 2014

HyperX Cloud, Next-Gen Pro-Gaming Headset That’s Wallet Friendly – Review

Gaming headsets really were a staple last generation as the popularity of online multiplayer reached unprecedented heights. Headsets ranged from the simple pop-in-your-ear chat audio and mic, all the way up to sophisticated as 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround headsets for pro-gaming multiplayer. For a long time, I ignored a true

Beats by Dre Apple
09 May 2014

[Video] Tyrese & Dr. Dre Confirm Apple’s $3.2 Billion Beats By Dre Purchase

Tyrese Gibson, someone I know personally from (music) touring with, has just confirmed that Dr. Dre is indeed hip-hop’s first billionaire as Apple will be acquiring Beats By Dre for an astounding $3.2 billion. That’s a lot of money for headphones…and everything else Beats makes. It’s hard not to recognize

05 May 2014

Dual Pixels Podcast #12 : The Lost Episode!

On this edition of the Dual Pixels Podcast after our long hiatus. We return with a lost episode that was previously recorded around the time of the big Super Smash Bros Direct. Not only do we talk about Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, we also cover Metal Gear Solid V

29 Apr 2014

The New Macbook Air Unveiled: More Speed, Lower Price

Apple has revealed their latest update to the MacBook Air series of laptops, the new Macbook Air looks exactly the same as last years model but with a slight upgrade under the hood. The 2014 Macbook Air now includes a newer Intel dual-core 1.4ghz processor, which means better speed. The

29 Apr 2014

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Announced For PS4 & PC

HyperX, a division of widely known computer memory manufacturer Kingston, today announced their new gaming headset that goes by the name HyperX Cloud. In case you were wondering, no; this headset has absolutely nothing to do with cloud computing. HyperX Cloud was designed with comfort in mind as it’s made

6230-LM DashCam
21 Apr 2014

Magellan Releases RoadMate DashCam GPS Navigator

Magellan is cooperating with our vehicles again to help provide convenience and safety now with their RoadMate DashCam GPS Navigator. That’s right, it’s a dashboard camera and GPS at your fingertips. Recently in the media, we’ve seen such ridiculous incidences not only with irresponsible drivers but crooked law enforcement who