07 May 2013

Saints Row 4 – Meet the President Trailer

The newest Saint’s Row 4 trailer features the leader of the Saints and President that may have taken a couple pages out of your favorite comic book hero’s arsenal. Equipped with super strength, and speed, the President is self patrolling the streets faster than any other law enforcers possibly could. I wouldn’t consider

02 May 2013

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Multiplayer – Spies Vs Mercs Trailer

Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s multiplayer mode “Spies Vs Mercs” has been revealed showing conflict from the stealth and assault perspectives. Multiplayer Action Redefinied; in the footage we’re given a glimpse at the 3rd person camera used by the Spies to infaltrate points of interests while Mercs are given a traditional FPS

01 May 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Officially Announced, Plus Teaser

As expected thanks to multiple leaks, the official title of the next Call of Duty is Call of Duty: Ghosts announced by Activision. Launching November 5th, Call of Duty: Ghosts is an all new sub-brand to the franchise developed with new characters, story, and Next Generation Engine, in an entirely

01 May 2013


Suda 51 and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE studio will like to present to you a new trailer showing off the ladies of KILLER IS DEAD. Also showing off a new location and some key gameplay elements while still retaining those great visuals.Check out the trailer, and prepare for KILLER IS DEAD this

30 Apr 2013

More Info On Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Some new tidbits abut Lego Marvel Super Heroes have arrived for those who want to pre-order the game. Different retailers are getting different game related goodies. Pre-order the console version through Walmart and receive an ultra exclusive Iron Patriot mini-fig when the game releases. Receive a fun Spidey keychain when

29 Apr 2013

New Watch_Dogs Trailer Revealed + Special Edition

With this trailer we can say Ubisoft is officially ready for next gen, showing off their new game Watch_Dogs. Watch_Dogs follows Aiden Pearce who uses the city as his weapon to get people who have crossed him, hacking into the city’s computer interfaces he creates lots of havok. Watch_dogs is

28 Apr 2013

Beyond: Two Souls TriBeCa Film Festival Trailer

The latest Beyond: Two Souls trailer is special to me for two reasons, one, I didn’t know whether it was a big budget Hollywood thriller film in the making, and two, it has magic! Conveniently Sony revealed this latest in-engine cinematic trailer for Beyond: Two Souls at the TriBeCa film festival to show the

23 Apr 2013

Ratchet & Clank The Movie Set To Release in 2015

Yes its true! Sony has revealed today that they are in production for Ratchet & Clank The Movie, while many have thought it was a good idea in the past they are finally gearing up to make the duo come to the big screen. Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment are

17 Apr 2013

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Announced + Trailer

Nintendo is at it again showing us that the 3DS has still got more coming in 2013. Nintendo has just announced Mario & Luigi Dream Team for the 3DS , it is continuing from the RPGs released on the handheld. Mario & Luigi while looking closely to the other RPGs

04 Apr 2013

New Remember Me Trailer ‘Enemies’

Can’t make friends with out making a few enemies. Join Nilin as she fights the powers that be to regain her memories back. In Capcom’s latest action game Remember Me releasing June 4th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out Dual Pixels for the review once it hits for

04 Apr 2013

Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC Map Pack Revealed

The next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC package, Uprising, includes 4 new maps — one being a returning Black Ops favorite. Treyarch is callling this edition of DLC the most fan centric, featuring Magma, a map which has flowing lava throughout the environment creating potential hazards everywhere. Encore

01 Apr 2013

The Last of Us TV Spot

It’s almost ready to release!! and if you watched The Walking Dead tonight you caught a glimpse of The Last of Us Commercial. But for those who didn’t you can watch the TV spot right after the jump. The Last of Us is set to release June 14th only on