NY Comic Con 2011: Max Payne 3 Runs Wild

As you know NY Comic Con has begun and the some of the latest and greatest games are being shown off but Rockstar had a special treat. They were showing off Max Payne 3 in all its glory and this game seems to be taking third person shooters to a whole new level.

What was shown were 2 different parts of the game one dealing with Max in New York City with his old familiar look, there Max is ambushed and has to take out a bunch of thugs. The other features him and his girlfriend is Sao Paulo Brazil avoiding gun fire in his more recent look.

The Gameplay looks real solid but what really holds everything together is the animations and how smooth everything looks. Bullet time also returns as it is the highlight of the Max Payne franchise, I cannot emphasize more on how great the animation is in Max Payne 3. It makes bullet time look sweeter and fluid, Max doesn’t take fake steps in the game. He is made to animate very life like in one scene you see Max jumping onto what seems to be a chain , and you all could imagine how it would look like in real life, legs moving around individually and in their own manner. Well all of that was present, there was also a time Max landed on the floor and your able to completely control him on the ground and make him aim around on his back, that moment wowed me I never seen anything like that in a third person shooter with so much control of your character.

Another thing shown was the game still retains the graphic novel panels but there trying to incorporate the in-game assets more, Rockstar said they will still be very similar to how the story was told in the other games. Enemies also got a upgrade these enemies are pretty ruthless and smart about how approach things also each enemy has different animations so the enemies have more personality instead of just mind less drones, each one have unique animations. Also last thing to note is the bullet cam has been changed to a kill cam for the last enemy but you can now control how fast and slow you actually want to take it,so it will make for some pretty hilarious moments. Max Payne 3 is scheduled to release March 2012 and trust me on this one it’s going to be one memorable game.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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