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A day in life without music for me is like ripping the very soul from under my skin and holding it for ransom. My infatuation with lyrical art can only be curbed by enjoying music in the way that I want to. To accomplish this, a fully loaded iPod with set playlists and a decent pair of headphones is a must. The House of Marley has not only achieved great sound engineering and style with their Conqueror and Soul Rebel headphones, they’ve captured the culture of those who love to enjoy music. With these core values at hand, The House of Marley has created two amazing products that will ensure that you never miss a beat.


The entire line of Marley audio gear includes three main tiers, the Jammin’ Collection, Freedom Collection, and Destiny Collection. The Jammin’ Collection is entry level within the Marley line featuring three different earphones, headphones, and two docks. The Freedom Collection features three earphones as well along with two headphones and one dock. Destiny, Marley’s flagship tier features one pair of headphones and one dock. [Marley’s docks aren’t yet available in either of the three tiers, the Destiny headphones are also unavailable] Depending on the tier you chose, Marley’s gear may have strong focus on bass or multiple colorways. Microphone options, for those of you using smartphones, are also available. Synonymous with the brand is eco-friendly/inspired quality that uses various materials such as recycled hemp, plastic, paper, and aluminum.


Of the Freedom Collection, I’ve gotten extended hands-on time with the Conqueror earphones. The Conquerors come in two colorways, silver aluminum with a brown wooden accent on the earpiece’s speaker base, and black aluminum with a dark maple wood earpiece base. Sound wise, the Conquerors are superb with noise cancellation that will reduce the need for you to max out your volume to enjoy your music. Delivery on sound is a focus of the Conqueror; you get your high and low instruments out of any song you decide to listen to. The Conquerors are also very responsive to EQ changes that involve treble and bass increases.


Conqueror Earphones – $79.99 | House Of Marley

The Soul Rebel headphones are hands-down the most comfortable pair of headphones I’ve ever owned. With a fabric headband woven with Bob Marley’s image supporting the aluminium cage of the headphones, and soft leather stitched ear cups, the Soul Rebels are comfortable enough to lay in bed with or throw on your neck when you’re on the go. The Soul Rebel headphones are on par with the Conqueror earphones in terms of sound quality, however these are on a larger over-ear scale.


Soul Rebel – $69.99 | House Of Marley

They look good, they sound great; most importantly, they’re durable. Just over the past weekend my lifestyle with these headphones has involved yanking the tangle free fabric cable from my Macbook, accidentally sitting on the products themselves, 0r walking through the rain with them in ear. Luckily, Marley gear is proven to withstand the elements. Under normal conditions, Marley headphones and earphones are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty if they are to malfunction.


Of the two models I own, the Conqueror and Soul Rebel are great choices depending on your preference between headphones and earbuds. On the go I love to wear my Soul Rebel headphones because they’re easy to throw on your neck while you’re juggling multiple items that require your hands attention. The Conquerors are compact and they’re great to enjoy while you’re stationary in places such as work or school, they also bleed less sound. The rest of the three tiered Marley line has more premium gear for you to enjoy that may specialize in bass or various colorways/styles. The Conqueror and Soul Rebel make great affordable gifts for anyone in your life that enjoys music.


Dual Pixels awards the House of Marley Conqueror and Soul Rebel a: 9/10

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