Is Super Mario Really Evil?

PETA has sued Nintendo over their newest addition to the Mario Franchise, Super Mario 3D Land. This is not the first time PETA has had ridiculous accusations towards Nintendo. PETA last sued nintendo over StarFox for inducing animal cruelty.

Now here is a word from PETA’s Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman. “Tanookis are real-life raccoon dogs who are beaten and, as PETA’s undercover exposés show, often skinned alive for their fur,”. That is true, but the animals that PETA are referring to are Tanuki’s, not Tanookis; however, I can see the connection between the two, but their accusation towards Nintendo for inducing animal cruelty to gamers is out of control.

I do have to warn you about the video, as it is very gruesome. And if this didn’t prove to you that PETA is feeding you bull, just remember the time they sued SeaWorld for “Enslaving” killer whales. Ironically, PETA has made a fun flash game which shows a bloody Mario with a Raccoon suit that is playable on their website found here. In conclusion, PETA’s accusations towards Nintendo are nothing more than some crazy people’s publicity stunt.

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Alexander Maier

Alexander Maier

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