Kingdom Hearts HD Remix To Be Shown At E3 2012 For PS3, Wii U, and PS VITA

AND IT’S FINALLY TRUE. We’ve gotten word that next week, all of the titles you see in the image above will be remastered into what we currently know as Kingdom Hearts: HD Remix or Kingdom Hearts: Remembrance. Our reoccurring source Geno, who had been the first to break news about the Castlevania Lord of Shadows sequel prior to anyone else, has informed us that a pending E3 announcement will involve Kingdom Hearts 1,2, Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and Birth By Sleep receiving HD upgrades and launching on PS3, Wii U, and PS VITA. According to Geno, not only will these Kingdom Hearts titles receive HD makeovers, they’ll be supported with new side quests that’ll tie up the plots of each game. The Wii U version in specific is said to make plot connections with Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance), which has yet to release in America on 3DS. Although details are kinda slim, we expect Kingdom Hearts HD Remix/Remembrance to be revealed at Sony or Nintendo’s E3 press conferences.

We’ll be in LA next week providing coverage of an official announcement.

UPDATE: We got back in contact with Geno late yesterday and he told us to make two quick notes in regards to this rumor. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will be re-rendered within the engine more in tune with the other Kingdom Hearts titles listed above which have all released on PlayStation consoles (PS2 & PSP). 358/2 Days utilized two screens on Nintendo DS, with the touch screen typically used for maps and a HUD.


The purpose of this collective of Kingdom Hearts games is to unify the series’ expansive plot leading into the next generation where Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to make its debut.
Until then…we’ll discuss anything else we find on our Facebook.

[August 2012]
Since Kingdom Hearts HD was not revealed at this past E3, we have significant reasons to believe it is still TBA. If we here more, or if anything is announced, remember we’ll keep you posted.

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