Maxim Gamer Girl Ultimate Finalists

Gamer girls are definitely a rarity in our society but when you come across one their awesome. So awesome that Maxim decided to throw a competition to pick the best gamer girl out there as the representative/spokesperson for Virgin Gaming. The open casting call played custodian to over 500 competitors hoping to be crowned queen of the gamer babes. Over the course of this contest the contestants had to upload videos showcasing their personality, individuality, talents and their overall understanding and knowledge of the video game industry. Through a long and strenuous process of elimination Maxim and the voters have narrowed down the competition to 3 ultimate finalists.
The ultimate finalists are

1.Samantha Pompton lakes, New Jersey

2.Kaitlin Auburn, Michigan

3.Danielle Rome, New York

These 3 finalists didn’t become finalists off of the strength of their looks alone. Samantha, Kaitlin and Danielle come from different backgrounds in the gamer multiverse. Samantha and Kaitlin you probably haven’t heard of prior to this contest but most people would know Danielle or “tradechat” through her endeavors in “World Of Warcraft”. Now Danielle would have been a great pick for this contest if Virgin Gaming and Maxim were trying to cater to PC gamers in terms of viewership. She does not come from a multi genre gaming background in my opinion and her videos really didn’t showcase any thing extravagant about her. So to have her as spokesperson would be counter productive because only people in that specific region of gaming would know of her and get behind her as a representative/spokesperson.
Where as you have Samantha and Kaitlin who come from a fairly mixed background and this is a competition to choose the gamer girl queen right? What better way than to have a gamer girl who comes from all different walks of life in the gaming universe to represent you. Now the choice between Samantha and Kaitlin is a hard one because both have the looks, personality and background to meet the criteria set before them. What sets these two girls apart in my opinion is their overall ambiguity and because of that reason Samantha comes out on top.

Her background is a trading card game player, a table top gamer, video gamer, Pc gamer, and probably the most outrageous thing ever a LARPER. You’re probably familiar with the term LARP from the movie “Role Models”. Well the funny thing about that movie is that LARP actually exists in the real world. Think of it as a life-size version of Dungeons & Dragons. Now when you look at Samantha’s resume what do you see? A believable gamer girl who visually doesn’t belong to one specific demographic with a gaming background as ambidextrous as her looks. In my profession you do not see girls who have a background as varied as her everyday and that’s what the gamer girl community needs.

She is the ideal candidate to be the representative of Virgin Gaming and Maxim’s gamer girl because she appeals to a vast audience. Too not choose Samantha would be a disservice to the multiple communities she represents; Maxim and Virgin Gaming would be missing out on such a packaged deal.


You can vote and watch the last video’s for either of the girls at their respective links below.




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