Dare To Dream — Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Party with StreetPass NYC

Excited for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance? In the New York area? If so you may find the following info interesting. StreetPass NYC, a group that is “an open, safe group of gamers who meet once a month to exchange Nintendo 3DS information via Street Pass in New York City.” is hosting a party for KHDDD3D on this Saturday in partnership with Apple Kissa Maid Café. The event is at Nintendo World store at Rockerfella Plaza in Manhattan. They ask that all fans from the city, and of course people from outside the city that can make it, drop in to dress as Riku, Sora, or Xehanort! SteetPass NYC and Apple Kissa judges (which include a master fashion designer with 40 plus years of experience) will be walking around the store on the prowl for Kingdom Heart cosplayers starting at 10:30 AM.

They will be judging costumes based on:

>Character Accuracy — How well do you portray your character?
>Costume Design — How well constructed is the costume?
>Costume Creativity — Any fun twists or details in your cosplay?
>Interview Personality — How personable are you on camera?


All chosen contestants will give an on the spot two minute interview with StreetPass NYC and Apple Kissa staff to star in their own videos on our highly trafficked YouTube channel.

After 1:00 PM, post-cosplay group photo, their top three Kingdom Hearts cosplayer picks will win from StreetPass NYC amazing Kingdom Hearts related prizes such as the official Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Ultimania guidebook in the original Japanese and more!

Winners can pick up their prizes from StreetPass NYC staff members in the Rockefeller Center Concourse located directly below the Nintendo World Store
The event will also be jammed packed with fun activities provided by Square Enix and Nintendo World Store staff: A rare chance of purchasing the game (while supplies last) THREE DAYS before Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance releases America-wide on July 31st, plus the ability to pose with the official Keyblade, special gifts with purchase of the game, free posters while supplies last and MORE!


Check out the event page here.


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