President Obama Crashes Reddit Servers During Q&A

That’s right, President Obama crashed the Reddit servers during his Q&A. The Q&A, which started at around 4:00 P.M EST. Quickly after speculation, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian confirmed that President Obama was actually participating in the event, adding that the questions were being answered from Charlottesville, Va., where Obama is currently campaigning for a second term. Obama answered nine questions, and users left more than 13,600 comments. Some of the top questions asked included the funds for the U.S. space program, copyright law, Internet freedom, voter suppression and even the recipe for the White House’s own beer. As for Internet freedom, Obama told users that it was something he “cared passionately” about.

We will fight hard to make sure that the Internet remains the open forum for everybody — from those who are expressing an idea to those to want to start a business

And although there will be occasional disagreements on the details of various legislative proposals, I won’t stray from that principle — and it will be reflected in the (Democratic Party’s) platform


And on the space program topic Obama said the following:

Making sure we stay at the forefront of space exploration is a big priority for my administration. The passing of Neil Armstrong this week is a reminder of the inspiration and wonder that our space program has provided in the past; the curiosity probe on mars is a reminder of what remains to be discovered. The key is to make sure that we invest in cutting edge research that can take us to the next level – so even as we continue work with the international space station, we are focused on a potential mission to a asteroid as a prelude to a manned Mars flight.


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