Smite Overview and Beta Key Giveaway!

Hey all, It’s Glyne and I am here with some info and goodies on an up and coming MOBA game called Smite. We recently got our hands onto the beta and were able to dive into the experience that is Smite. Smite is a game made by Hi-Rez studios (the makers of FPS Tribes Ascend) that puts a new twist on common MOBA games with it’s “skill shot” only play style. Oh yes, that means you will have to aim towards and anticipate ALL of your enemy’s movements. This game style gives it a bit of an fps feel to it where you have to use the W-A-S-D keys to move, the number keys to use abilities, and your mouse to control your camera. The characters that can be used in the game are based on mythological gods and creatures from different backgrounds and cultures. Currently in it’s beta stage, the game boasts to have at least 30 characters by its release with a $30 beta deal to  get all of the gods in the game. A deal that I consider worth it considering the amount you are charged in other MOBA based games ($10 per character usually.) Unfortunately, this deal is only available to beta participants so far but if you’re reading this article then you might be lucky enough to receive some beta codes from us good folks at Dual Pixels. In order to get them, all you have to do is like the Dual Pixels page on facebook and let us know you want it under the Smite comment post.

A link to the Dual Pixels Facebook:

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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens