My Runescape Adventure #1

After successfully returning to the RS universe I decided the first thing I needed to carry out was to finally reach level 99 in a skill and get a skill cape on my main account. Now reaching level 99 back when I was use to play in 06 took time and dedication; it takes over a year just to perfect all skills. But in the new era of RS in my opinion the amount of time one has to put into reaching 99 has been toned down so casual players can reach such goals.

My reasoning for this is very simple, you use to have to chop down thousands of willow trees to reach 99 woodcutting as it was the most efficient way when I use to play. But now in the latest iteration of RS you have a tree called choking ivy that gives you 332 EXP per successful chop. The only downside to this method of leveling up is that you cannot make any gold off of chopping ivy. When you successfully chop ivy you do not receive an item unless you got lucky and a bird nest dropped. This aids in the concept of power leveling though since you don’t have to constantly run back to the bank to empty your inventory.

All in all I felt my return back into RS was a great learning experience. I was also able to make a few new friends while training my woodcutting skill to spend my time with. It was a fond trip down memory lane that reminded why I played this game so much when I was younger.

Items used:

Dragon hatchet for woodcutting

Locations trained at:

Behind varrock castle for choking ivy 

Hours spent playing:

Approximately 3 hours on my main account

Level gain:

69 woodcutting to 72 woodcutting

What you’re going to need to chop ivy:

level 68 wood cutting

membership subscription

A hatchet(dragon hatchet recommended)

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Gabriel Olivero

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