Review: Ontrion iBattery Case

In this 21st century being mobile is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. There are millions of iPhone customers out there, their choice smartphone offers a gallery of music and multimedia options, as well as productivity to get work done. With so many apps at your fingertips it’s likely that your iPhone charge doesn’t last throughout an entire work day; or maybe you forgot to charge it. Ontrion’s iBattery Case offers a cheap solution to make sure your iPhone is never a charity case of electrical outlet sharing when you need it most.

Ontrion’s iBattery Case solution doubles the battery life of your iPhone 4/4S and adds some protection to aesthetically pleasing barebones iPhone shell. At $39.99, the iBattery Case comes in a black colorway composed with light plastic and blue LED indicator lights of the case’s charge level. There are plenty of competing iPhone battery case alternatives, with the Mophie being the most popular. The Mophie is however a more expensive option, with the cheapest model of iPhone battery case protection at $79.99 about double the price of Ontrion’s iBattery Case.

My experience with the iBattery Case was sweet. With an iPhone docked within the case, the micro-usb adapter simultaneously charges the case as well as the iPhone. At 1600mAh the iBattery Case does exactly what’s advertised, doubles the battery of your iPhone. Take for example a fully charged iPhone; most of the time it isn’t advised to run a battery case or keep a mobile device on any charger with a maxed out battery. After your exhausting use of your iPhone, flick the switch to rejuvenate the battery while continuing traditional use. In the end you’d end up with or close to a full 100% charge again; very useful for those extended overnight shifts or unexpected road trips. Although the iBattery case offers a protective enclosure I don’t feel totally safe knowing that the top of my phone is exposed; drop protection is likely conditional due to head first falls making contact with the ground exactly where the casing ends. Fortunately the case does a good job of securing the iPhone via the connector so it’s unlikely that it will fall out with typical carriage.

Ontrion’s iBattery Case is a great entry level accessory to keep your iPhone’s battery maintained on the go. In comparison with other battery cases Ontrions’ lacks a selection of colorways to customize the look of your phone however it’s light, offers value and most importantly, gets the job done.

Purchase it here: iBattery Case ($39.99)

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