Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection Review

Shakespeare set the standard to modern English literature. Steve Jobs defined how we listen and store our music. Capcom defined the essence of quarter circle forward punch in our fighters. I still remember as an 8 year old questioning why so many other characters from different fighting franchises resembled Ryu or Ken. I also can flashback to the first time trying to learn the motions for a Hadoduken and Shoryuken which was my true first step in applying myself in a videogame. However nothing will compare to how Street Fighter (and Pong!) revolutionized competitive gaming. Those moments were beating someone once, was never enough but owning their ass always made the heart burn with empowerment. With all that said Happy 25th Anniversary to Street Fighter!

In Commemoration to The Street Fighter Franchise Capcom has released the Street Fighter 25th anniversary collection. As any fighting game enthusiast you cannot overlook this collection however this can only be taken with a small grain of salt.

What goodies are packaged?

The Anniversary collection is packed in a suede box with the Akuma logo imprinted on the top. The non playable content that is found are the hard cover 74 page art book, the 12 disc music set dating back to the first street fighter, A six inch light up Ryu statue, A blue ray disc with the street fighter documentary and several movies and the original street fighter II animes, and last but not least a certificate stating that you got all this bad ass stuff!

What games do you get?

Chronologically speaking you get Street Fighter II HD remake, exclusively to PS3 you get Street Fighter Alpha trilogy, Street Fighter 3rd strike online, and the disc versions of Street Fighter VI and Street Fighter X Tekken.

What are the DLC’s!

The DLC’s are pretty much all the custom packs, characters, and colors for the SF 3rd strike, SFIV, and SFxT.


The box is well packed however like I said before you have to take this with a small grain of salt. All of the games true SF fans already own as well as the DLC’S. What makes matters worse even you own some of the content you can’t sell any of the DLC’S and games because all of it is on one voucher card which is a slick more from Capcom. But in all fareness this collection is one of the best ones out there!

Verdict: 8.5/10


+ Amazingly packed
+ Great games and DLC’S
+ great goodies (art book, music set, etc)
+ Cool blu ray documentary and feature movies.


– Most of the stuff you probably already own.
– Even if own most of the DLC’S and games but want to keep others, you have to give up entire voucher

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