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Hawken Detailed Conference at Comic Con | NYCC 2012

Hey folks, how goes it? While at New York Comic Con today I decided to sit in on a reveal discussion that was going on in one of the many meeting rooms. The reveal just happened to be about a new online F2P  first-person mech game from developer Adhesive Games titled “Hawken.”  Now now now, I know what you’re thinking…”Mech games are slow and boring” and they usually aren’t done very well (with the exception of the first couple games from the “Mech Assault” series)  but trust me, this game is one that you’ll want to dive into. The pace of this game is pretty fast with the main game mode including high speed 6v6 combat. I would say Hawken is as fast, if not faster, than most common first person shooters out now. The graphics are simply beautiful; showing you a war torn world through your mechanical HUD. To compliment the game and help to shed some story to it the developers hired a team of artists to create a graphic novel covering the back-story to give the game some depth. Hawken is currently in the closed beta stage but will be launching around December 15th. of this year. If anything, i say this game is worth a try considering it is free to play and a different type of experience. You’ll definitely find me there during release! We may have some opportunities to help get you into the closed beta as well so let us know if you’re interested.


Visit the official Hawken website here:

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