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Rise of the Zombies Early Screening | NYCC 2012

Brains! I would like to start this post off by just reminding you guys of my love for anything Zombie, Spy, or Sherlock Holmes related. I dream of the day someone makes a film where Sherlock Holmes plays a british spy during a zombie apocalypse but until then i’ll be at New York Comic Con. I decided to go to the screening of the original Syfy movie “Rise of the Zombies” in hopes of getting a good scare before I went home for the day. Well that scare turned into more of a laugh honestly before, during, and after the movie. There was a bit of a hiccup with starting the movie since someone forgot to bring the dvd; in which case VP of Syfy original movies Karen O’ Hara had to go retrieve a copy of the movie. While on that run, some of their entertaining staff  answered some of our questions about the film and generously gave some of their water to members of the audience who seemed to have acquired thirst.

The movie takes place a few months after a zombie virus breaks out and some survivors decide to take  refuge in the Alcatraz  prison in order to escape the outbreak. Of course, somehow the zombies find their way to the island and the cast is forced to make an escape to find somewhere else safe to camp. I won’t it anymore for anyone hoping to watch this film but I will admit that it was my first time watching someone stomp on an infant. Yes you read that last line correctly. If you like zombies and dont mind a movie that is a bit over the top, I would suggest you watch this movie on the Syfy channel on Saturday October 27th at 9:00 pm EST. Until next time folks





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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens

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