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Wii U Impressions | NYCC 2012

Dual Pixels attended both E3 2012 and the Wii U event in New York City, both of which I did not get to attend; however, while I did not get the chance to attend, at New York Comic Con I got my first chance to give the Wii U a spin. Games like Nintendo Land,and The Wonderful 101 (Project P-100) really made me rethink getting a PS3 Slim over a Wii U. The Metroid Blast attraction on Nintendo Land was my favorite attraction. The graphics were very impressive and detailed as well as on the GamePad; however, the real thing that wowed me was The Wonderful 101.

The Wonderful 101 cannot be described any other way but stunning. The graphics had wonderful detail. For me, it was great watching the game, the way the things in the distance were slightly blurred, but not in an over dramatic way. It was the right balance of detail to make one Nintendo employee working at the booth right next to The Wonderful 101 tell me this during a conversation:

Yeah a lot of people have just been coming by and just staring at the screen and telling myself and some of my co-workers how amazing it looked.

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