Why the Wii U Is, Isn’t, And Is Kinda A Next-Gen Console

The Wii U’s being or not being a next-gen console is not just a controversial subject here on Dual Pixels, but also all around the gaming world. I personally believe that it is a next-gen console. I asked two of my fellow writers, Brandon Brown and Glyne Gittens to help weigh in on this subject. Brandon believes that the Wii U is not a next-gen console, and Glyne believes it is kinda a next-gen console. In this article Brandon, Glyne, and myself will explain why the Wii U is, isn’t, and is kinda a next-gen console.

Why the Wii U Is A Next-Gen Console

I believe that the Wii U is a next-gen console. Like I had mentioned in my Wii U Impressions article, the graphics on the game The Wonderful 101 (Project-P 100) are stunning. While the GPU and RAM are slightly better than the XBOX 360 and PS3, and the CPU being only slightly less powerful, we shouldn’t be looking at specs lists and declaring that it isn’t a next-gen console. Look at Apple for instance. Their specs aren’t on par with some Android phones yet it is still smoother and fast than those Android phones (not all, not an Apple fanboy). This Wii U may only have slightly better specs in comparison with the XBOX 360 and PS3, but specs aren’t what makes a next-gen console, it is what helps it perform. I was on line to play Metroid blast at New York Comic Con and wound up turning around to get a glimpse and The Wonderful 101. Next thing I know I am out of line, 3 people have gone, and I am just staring at what are probably the best graphics in a game I have ever seen. When I looked at that game, I thought to myself “When I pictured next-gen console graphics, THAT is what I pictured”. I told the Nintendo Rep standing next to me about how I had unknowingly got out of line and had been staring at the game, she said the following:

Yeah a lot of people have just been coming by and just staring at the screen and telling myself and some of my co-workers how amazing it looked!

A next-gen console will usually have something innovative to go along with it, such as an ultra fast CPU or a large amount of RAM. The Wii U’s ultra fast CPU large amount of RAM innovation is the Wii U GamePad. A freaking tablet controller. Overall I say that the reason why the Wii U is a next-gen console is because of its stunning graphics and it’s innovative Wii U GamePad.

 Why The Wii U Is Not  A Next-Gen Console

Brandon Brown, Co-founder | Editor-in-Chief : Don’t get me wrong, Wii U is a great console. However, I can’t shake the feeling that Wii U is a stopgap in a HD console generation that has evolved to support what Wii U boasts as originality and innovation. I admire Nintendo’s ability to support on-par graphics with competing consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360, but if they are to seek a greater loyal audience they must push the limits on what is obtainable on this current day in the generation.My biggest fear is that I will only be able to embrace Wii U as a reputable HD console until other future gen consoles launch, which are right around the corner. These newer “next-gen” consoles will support bleeding edge graphics, robust networking and multimedia capabilities; many of which will make us look down on Wii U a stigma that isn’t anything new for a Nintendo console.

Let me reiterate: Wii U is a great console. It just isn’t a next-gen console.

 Why The Wii U Is Kinda A Next-Gen Console

Glyne Gittens,  Broadcast Host (Stream) : The question on if the Wii U can be considered a next-gen console was pretty tricky to me until I stumbled upon the answer while playing with my Playstation Vita. The console’s main selling point has to do with its touch screen and movement responsive controller. Though from a first glance this idea may seem like it’s extremely innovative, we have to ask ourselves hasn’t this been done before? If anything, Nintendo is known for their unconventional approaches to hardware and the way you play their games. From the original NES console and their duckhunt gun, to their portable Gameboy, the oblong box that was the Gamecube, the DS brought a touch screen to consoles and dual screens to handheld games, it’s successor gave us a 3D handheld, the wii bought a new motion controller to the way the way we can play games, and finally the Wii U plans to completely change the way you control video games again. Unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft were able to quickly create motion controllers of their own. Microsoft even went the distance and made the player the controller with their Kinect system that used only their camera to sense the player’s motion. I feel it’s the same with the Wii U in comparison to the PS3 and PS Vita. Sony has been able to use a handheld console as a controller since the PSP with their remote play system. Now, with the introduction of the hardware and graphic capable Vita, Sony would essentially be able to mimic, if not expand on the idea of the Wii U’s touch screen controller. In all, I don’t think that the Wii U is a next gen console but it just brings Nintendo up to par with current gen Consoles.

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