RUMOR: 3DS Hardware Announcements To Be Announced

Dual Pixels just received word from Geno that Nintendo will make several announcements regarding the 3DS at a later date. A synopsis of what is believed to be seen tomorrow from Geno can be seen below.

Update: According to Geno, these hardware announcements such as new the 3DS color Dark Moon Black, are to be announced in the near future. This could be anything such as a press announcement or the January Nintendo Direct.



— Fire Emblem is projected to show up around January in the US with

the Japanese Blue Special Edition to go on sale with it.


— Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will come out in February. At the same
time the Black 3DS XL will also come out and there will be a Black 3DS
XL Dark Moon version with the game bundled in.


— Animal Crossing planned as a Spring/Summer Title between March and May.


— Most of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL colors, including 3DS XL
Purple, will be out in America by the end of 2013.


— A few eShop first party @ 3rd party Wii U titles will be announced
for the launch window and a good mix of first and third party for
spring which ends at the Nintendo E3 show for the rest of 2013.


— No idea if the Pokemon 3DS XL’s are coming, even though NoA wants
them to for Mystery Dungeon that is all up to the Pokemon Company USA
to decide.


Any updates regarding these rumors will be published first on our Facebook.

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