The Olivero Effect | Gamer Workout #2

Okay well last week I gave you a basic routine pretty much anyone can do. Now its time to give you a workout specifically tailored for a gamer. This is a basic concept that I apply when I play games online. This will not only help you achieve a stronger body, but it will have positive impact on your gaming skill. I will use Super Street Fighter 4 AE as template to explain the protocol.


Here is the protocol:

If you lose a round in an online match or against a friend do 10 push-ups.

If you win a round online or against a friend do 5 push-ups.

If you’re playing a match that is 2 rounds congratulations, post game you have to do anywhere between 10-20 push-ups.

Now obviously you can alter the amount of repetitions you have to do depending on your strength level; and you can also change the movement to target specific muscle groups during your gaming session. The concept behind this is to reward yourself for doing good, and to punish yourself for messing up. If you don’t want to do a lot push-ups play harder and smarter. But either way you’re still improving yourself as a rounded person in your gaming, and physic. But wait there’s more to this as well when you’re waiting to get into a match do some repetitions as well. I use to do a set 25 squats before my match’s started online. This helped tremendously in building strength in r muscles I didn’t get to target in my real workout.

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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

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