Halo 4 Weapons Breakdown | Suppressor

A Forerunner and Promethian exclusive, the Suppressor is an ancient assault style automatic rifle that lives up to the name quite famously. As an almost mirror weapon to the UNSC Assault Rifle, this gun is mostly found and introduced by the primary weapon of basic Crawlers in the campaign mode. Used as their main offensive attack by firing this weapon from their mouths in addition with their relentless speed and rush-down tactics, how does this near clone stack up in the hands  of a Spartan in competitive  multiplayer settings?


Weapon Breakdown: As much as the Suppressor comes off as a carbon copy of the Assault Rifle in many ways, there are subtle differences that actually allows this weapon to gain footing in a class of it’s own. It’s easy to be fooled at first but these small differences become quite a pain to be on the receiving end of. This is a close  ranged weapon and very loosely can be used at mid range as well. Since the nature of this gun is that of an automatic rifle, it’s perfect for beginners without having the need to worry about the learning curve of proper aiming etiquette, just hold down the trigger to spray and pray. Because of it’s strict and small range, it’s best to use this weapon on a mixture of specific game types such as oddball, regicide, dominion and capture the flag on the smaller and more arena styled maps. Catching your opponents off guard will be the key to success with this weapon along with coordinated teamshots, as this gun isn’t fit to go toe to toe with a suspecting semi automatic rifle user with far better range.


Pros and Cons: This weapon deals a solid amount of damage out and is easily one of the most under estimated killing machines in the game. For this reason it’s easy to rack up kills on unsuspecting targets as well as quickly drain shields for an assist during firefights and also makes setting up quick melee finishes seem near effortless. The ammo capacity of the clip is surprisingly long, as long as your target remains in the reticule, you’re almost guaranteed a clean kill or a trade for your efforts. Like the Assault Rifle, this gun is a close range weapon primarily which can be used at a further mid range distance but becomes less effective with each pace of spacing. This limits the guns overall usages to about half of the on disc maps but still holds well within a majority of the game types, just choose well. The best trait of this gun is that it goes very well with a lot of the support and armor abilities, especially the Auto Sentry Turret. The combination of these both on a map such a Haven or Adrift to hold down a corridor or space is extremely effective. Dexterity ability to speed up the reload time and weapon swap makes it feels as if an opponent is on the end of a non stop barrage of fire due to the natural speed and spray accuracy of the bullets.




Using the underestimated close range power of the Suppressor will become the quickest main lethal aspect for the user, this gun drops people fast. The option to finish out with a clean spray kill or quicker than most melee is what makes this weapon shine it’s brightest. Although it has limited usage on certain maps due to it’s close range nature, sitting back to defend a flag on larger maps isn’t too much of a bad idea either as overly focused flag runners will be at this guns mercy. Pairing this weapon up with a variety of the many support and armor abilities displays just how much more versatile the Suppressor can be, even sometimes far more than the DMR or Battle Rifle.

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‎Terrence Poinsett

‎Terrence Poinsett