Persona 4 Golden | Finally Hitting Europe

You read right, at last the PS Vita mega RPG hit Persona 4 Golden will be releasing in Europe on February 22. I for one cannot help but advocate the purchasing of this cult classic for any PS Vita owner. Out of the entire Shin Megami Tensei series of games, Persona 4 Golden is definitely the crown jewel of the litter. With the additions of new ultimate personas for the investigation team, a new social link, and several different possible endings; there is absolutely no reason that this PS Vita title shouldn’t be in your library. If you want to opt for an earlier release or just don’t like owning hard copies of games anymore. You can download Persona 4 Golden on February 20th via PSN download. Romance, drama, suspense, humor, good music, epic battles, 60+ hours worth of content. Whats not selling you yet on Persona 4 Golden?

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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

You just got hit with the unrelenting force that is my bio. I enjoy all forms video game entertainment and own all handhelds and consoles. My favorite types of games are RPG’s because of the depth of the stories and the characters they center around. Some of my favorite games/series are Pokemon, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, MineCraft, Monster Hunter, .Hack, Fire Emblem, JoJo and the Tales Of series.

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