Bungie’s New Game Destiny Revealed

Bungie’s next title since signing their 10-year publishing deal with Activision is in full development. Today, Bungie has revealed their first ViDoc for Destiny: The Game. The game’s plot speaks of the Traveler who sparked a Golden Age of technological advancement and intergalactic travel. Civilization is now, however, in ruins and it’s up to you to defend the last remaining city on Earth from the invaders and reclaim old territory.

Before you mention it, Destiny looks more “Mass Effecty” than “Haloy”. Bungie is pretty synonymous with epic space adventures, after-all, they did invent the Halo franchise. The creatures that occupy the land look just as unorthodox as the weapons and armor they bear. Bungie is looking to create an ambitious shooter, which is pretty much the typical PR talk these days, however we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt given their resume. The game will include a campaign, competitive, and co-operative modes with social features that’ll connect to your experience. Check out the first ViDoc below.

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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