Halo 4: Majestic Map Pack Coming Soon!

A brand new DLC Pack, entitled Majestic, is coming to Halo 4 very soon (and by that we mean February 25th very soon). Majestic will bring forth some much needed elements to help further diversify the multiplayer experience by introducing 3 new maps, dubbed Skyline, Landfall and Monolith,  that are specifically targeted towards arena style game play. This means, much like Haven, these maps will be a lot more intimate and smaller than the majority of the maps that were available since launch and will compliment gametypes such as Infinity Slayer, Oddball and even the recently introduced Team Doubles much more handsomely.


These maps will also come with 2 gametypes, Infinity Rumble and Infinity Team, which will be exclusive to the owners of this DLC pack for a short period of time. Infinity Rumble is a Free For All gametype for up to 8 players and the respawn times will be extended longer than standard slayer based gametypes, much like the classic rule settings of FFA in previous Halo titles. Infinity Teams will be the same team based slayer matches, simply deemed for 4v4 matches exclusive to these new maps. 10 new achievements will also be added for a total of 250 points for achievement hunters out there to add to their gaming resumes!



While it is rather unfortunate that there are no available screenshots as of yet for these maps, this pack is right around the corner and won’t seem like much of a wait since this announcement. The Majestic Map Pack will be on Sale for 800 MS points and will be available immediately for players who either purchased the Halo 4 limited edition or the War Games Map Pass.

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‎Terrence Poinsett

‎Terrence Poinsett