Apple Patents Flexible Screen Watch/Bracelet

Apple has patented new technology featuring a flexible screen which transforms into a sort of watch or bracelet. The patent shows a Samsung Youm esque flexible screen paired with what is being called a “bi-stable spring”. It is said that the bi-stable spring, as it is being called, is a sort of slap and wrap mechanism which causes the device to go from straight to curved around the limb (in this case, arm). The device concept the patent is built shows that the flexible AMOLED display will also be touch enabled allowing the consumer to access keyboards and dialpads. Other citations in the patent include blinking edge-lit event notifications (perhaps iMessage) that’ll alert the user when they a message. Apple’s new bracelet watch, or whatever it may be sounds like iOS’s new best friend. With all the rumors flying around regarding Apple working on a new futuristic watch this uncovered patent has us buzzing.

Thanks Apple Insider


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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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