Deep Down | The Game With The Really Big Dragon!

Well if you were watching Sony’s Press conference you probably know what I am already talking about from the title alone. I wasn’t able to catch the entire conference, but the minute I tuned in I was greeted by a big fiery dragon. Needles to say I was completely blown away by how detailed, and realistic this single monster looked breathing fire. For years game developers have struggled to figure out how to design the perfect fire element into a game. With Capcom’s new engine the Phanta Rei being backed by the PS4’s impressive graphic output. This is one huge leap in bridging the gap between movie cinematography, and Video games.

Though there were many impressive games being showcased. From what I’ve seen this game dubbed “Deep Down” takes the cake. As I was watching it I really couldn’t tell whether it was a CGI trailer  or gameplay. I saw something that resembled an onscreen item hub, but I couldn’t kill confirm this for sure. Be that as it may, just from this singular demonstration I can assume that Deep Down will be a RPG somewhere along lines of Demons Souls, and Dragons Dogma. You can check out the actual demonstration of Deep Down below. At this time Deep Down has not been confirmed as a PS4 exclusive. So Wii-U owners, and Future Xbox 720 owners you have some hope…maybe.

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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

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