EA Teases Battlefield 4 For PS4; Next Gen 8-10x More Powerful

EA is gearing up for the next generation, it’s no secret at this point. During the recent conference call we told you about (not too long ago) EA teased Battlefield 4, their next generation AAA shooter that will without a doubt be making a debut on PS4.

Rajat Taneja, EA CTO, seemed very enthusiastic about Battlefield 4 saying that it is indeed “stunning”; he then follows up with an implication that PS4’s power is aiding the creative development of the title. The title runs in 1080p and 60FPS. “The imagination of the developers along with that power”; Rajat Taneja also sees the next generation of gaming consoles being 8-10x more powerful than this one we’re currently in.

In addition, Taneja sees a emphasis on Cloud and digital distribution moving forward. EA expects an increase in the price of new video games likely bringing them up to $69.99 until the costs of development subside.

Finally, EA is working on 15 of their core titles for the next generation with FIFA 14 being released this year on next and current consoles.

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Brandon Brown

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