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Square Enix To Announce New Wii U Title At PAX EAST 2013

So if you don’t know already, Dual Pixels will be attending PAX EAST 2013. After you get approved for a media pass for gaming events (New York Comic Con, PAX EAST etc…), you get emails from about two weeks before the event leading up to the event date from companies or people who are attending. Some of them I look at, but I find myself turning a blind eye to a lot of them; however, this specific email stood out.

Hello Alexander


Square Enix will be hosting an exclusive Media Suite at PAX East this year. You are invited to come by and take a look at some of the highly anticipated Square Enix titles including :


KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMix (hands-off demo)


Heroes & Generals (playable demo)


Unannounced Wii U title


March 22 & 23, 2013


Appointments available 10AM-5PM

Alright Kingdom Hearts HD remix (sweet!) , Heroes and Generals (cool), unannounced Wii U title…

Wait, did that just say unannounced Wii U title? Yep you heard it right here, Square Enix will be showcasing a new unannounced Wii U title (this is all to be shown in a media suite, not sure what their show floor plans are), so stay tuned to Dual Pixels for everything “unannounced Wii U title”!


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