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PAX East 2013 | RWBY Black Trailer Releases Online

The very first showing of the new “Black” trailer was revealed at PAX 2013 inside of the, packed to capacity, main theater of the Boston venue. More so described as a “character vignette”, the RWBY Black sneak peak no less told a great story as well as amazingly high quality action and combat, possibly the best seen to date.




The RWBY “Black” trailer introduces viewers to the third of four main characters from the new series created by Red vs. Blue animation supervisor Monty Oum. The series will officially premiere at the 3rd annual RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo), held this July 5 – 7 at the Austin Convention Center.

To view the trailer CLICK HERE


Shortly after viewing,  a large Q & A segement opened up to the audience and allowed fans to win prizes from their favorite members of the staff by asking the most interesting or entertaining questions.  Much information wasn’t given on their future Machinima projects with Halo 4, other than that it would definitely continue but won’t be made much mention of until it’s close to release. The focus shift on their new RWBY project shows tremendously through this latest trailer, from it’s soundtrack all the way down to core production value of fluid animation during the exciting combat scenes.

If you missed out on any past trailers or simply want to catch up, the previous “White” trailer Can Be Seen Here!

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‎Terrence Poinsett

‎Terrence Poinsett