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Pax East 2013 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to the Wii U

Another blockbuster title is on it’s way to Nintendo’s most recent brainchild the Wii U. Following in the foot steps of games like Batman: Arkham City and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Square Enix has decided to revamp their title “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” for the Wii U. I know what you may be thinking but this game is in NO way just a port of the original game onto this console. The previously separate DLC for the game have been tied into the main line of events to give you one great experience. There is now a NewGame+ game mode where you get to keep all of your weapons and abilities on your next play-through of the game. Hacking is now done on the Wii U Gamepad! If you didn’t already see that last feature coming you must not be fan of the series. Being the first truly HD console the Wii U version of the game is able to support better graphics than the PC version of the game shutting the mouths of elitists around the world. ¬†Another major fix to the game is the complete rework of the boss fights throughout the game. It seems that they have truly sat down and taken into account the concerns you had with the game and elaborated on the things you love to turn the experience into something truly polished. If you are a fan of the series already or were looking to look into it I would definitely recommend this title to you to try out.

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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens