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Rumor: Sony at PAX EAST Recruiting Vita Titles

I’ve spent a lot of time at PAX talking to different indie devs and sitting in panels determined to complete a couple of my own missions. One of the main missions had to do with looking for any potential titles to be ported to the Playstation Vita; an amazing handheld console that is often passed over because of its “lack” of various blockbuster titles to play. Although it is an untrue rumor that annoys me to no end every time I hear it, I have to admit that developers don’t seem to be approaching this device correctly. The Vita has such a broad range of potential to support different game types that can appeal to a lot of different audiences(will be elaborated on in future articles). It seems that Sony is finally starting to get out there and find these developers that can fill the particular voids in PS Vita’s library that other’s couldn’t. Most titles I can’t mention for their own disclosure since they’ve only been in discussion with Sony reps; however I’ve been able to confirm that “Dive Kick” from One True Game Studios is subject to PS Vita’s library. I thought this would be a bit of relieving news to any Vita fans that understand this console the way that I do. With the recent port of Bastion to the iPad, I can only imagine and wish that Sony has made some plans to link with developer Supergiant. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to see a lot more of these indie devs and diverse genres come to the Vita.

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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens