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PAX East 2013 | Hunting At PAX

A large amount of games were released this march, and one game in particular had a very powerful presence….Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at PAX. For years now the Monster Hunter series has dominated the handheld game market in Japan. But it has always had a problem bringing that same kind of dominance to NA. Sure it has a dedicated following here in the states. But that following has always been limited to a handful of people you know in your area. Be that as it may, with the release of MHU3 on the 3DS and Wii U. I have never seen such a huge wave for the series before.

This same tidal wave also found its way to the PAX show floor this year. As Capcom put up a MH3U dedicated booth to bring the worlds hunters together. Most of my time on the PAX show floor was spent sitting down and helping other hunters reach higher hunter ranks through cooperative multiplayer. Though there were a large amount of disconnection’s due to wireless signals being bounce everywhere. We as a collective hunters guild figured out how to remedy theses issues and get the most out of the time we had together.

Various ethnic backgrounds from various parts of the world were attending the hunters meet up at the MH3U booth. It surprised me so much from the amount of love the game was really getting, and made me extremely happy. Since there was such a collective unity among me and my fellow hunters it seriously looked like the Monster Hunter scene in Japan. Where everyone pulls out their 3DS,sits down, asks what we’re hunting, and we go out and hunt these monsters together.


The decision to put up a MHU3 dedicated booth was a great decision by Capcom. Numerous groups people would come by, play the demo if they didn’t have their own copy, then ask if they could buy it. Too bad they didn’t bring any retail copies along with them, that would have increased the velocity of the wave MH3U is getting now. Hopefully at PAX Prime Capcom will choose to bring this same setup. I would love to meet up with the friends I’ve made this past weekend in PAX East, and make some new ones.

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