Sony Including Headsets in Every Playstation 4

Looks like Sony is taking a note from Microsoft and things look to be getting better everyday. Sony has commented on a question everyone has been asking about if headsets are going to be included with the Playstation 4 release. The answer is yes! Senior Staff Developer Support Engineer Chris Norden has said that

“Everybody has asked about it, it definitely helps out with voice chat, multiplayer games and everything so we decided to go ahead and do that,” Norden remarked. “It’s got 32KHz stereo output for two players… frequency will only be reduced slightly when you start cranking up the number of players just because of the bandwidth of the wireless. And there’s a 16KHz microphone port as well. The speaker is the same high-quality output as the headset. It streams directly from the PS4 at runtime.”

This leads to other speculations though, will adding extra items increase the price of the Playstation 4 at launch? Well we will find out soon as E3 approaches.

Source –Eurogamer

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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