GRAPHT Brings Basquiat And Haring Art To Apple Devices

GRAPHT, which strings from the Japanese company MSY, is a brand that envelops the creative works of prestigious New York artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat into cases for your iPhone 5, MacBook Pro, and iPad devices. Keith Haring lead a legacy of art based on life, unity, and social issues while befriending upcoming artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in the process. Basquiat began his artistry as a graffiti artist in lower Manhattan that held many political and poetical themes.

GRAPHT has applied some of Haring and Basquiats most prized paintings into the cases of these Apple devices. Pop culture has made sure their art remains relevant as Jay-Z and Kanye West often make reference to Basquiat and his paintings; Swizz Beatz even wore a jacket painted with a Haring design in the video of “On To The Next One“.

These accessories can be purchased from GRAPHT’s official website; they also have other iPhone 5 cases which offer added grip, and shock protection, but are also stylish. Check it out. We will have a full review of these products when available.


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