The New Xbox Forces You To Play Online

Well we been hearing rumors about features in the Next Xbox (Codenamed: Durango) a bit after the Playstation 4 revealed itself a month ago. One rumor has been stirring the community up and its the idea that The Next Xbox will have to always be online. Meaning that to play a game you must always have a internet connection, if not the games will not work. More evidence has been showing up from different sources all giving out this exact same rumor, even though were not sure on the actual outcome of Microsoft’s next console.

One of their employees who’s their Creative Director Adam Orth over at Microsoft Studios has posted something on Twitter, which includes him chatting with one of Game Designers over at Bioware which looks to be about The Next Xbox. The Microsoft employee looks to be giving analogies of things that are always Online which might be referencing The Next Xbox, the quotes were posted on Twitter but then later taken down and deemed to be trolling. Read below for the entire dialog that was taken down.


Source: Neogaf

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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