Racism Against Games Enjoyed (R.A.G.E.)

I’m troubled by the amount of game racism that I’m starting to see among a lot of communities of gamers these days. I should probably mention that i’m not talking about black vs. white type of racism but of racism toward game genres. Why can’t I enjoy Call of Duty some days? Why can’t I like League of Legends instead of Dota and the reasoning behind it isn’t because league is easier but simply that I find the game fun? Is it wrong for me to enjoy playing bad games simply because I find them funny or buying every Street Fighter game even though you think they are the same. We now live in a world where gamers are afraid to play and stand up for the games they like because other disgruntled gamers don’t like some genre or have some personal vendetta against the developers.

It would really be a pain in the ass if the gaming community turned into fascist Germany and started putting anyone who played Call of Duty for a while in cyber concentration camps. I’m totally not just saying that because I played the game for 3 years. I cringe every time I see some jerk mention that he wont buy a game because it won’t have 1 character they wanted in it. I almost sent viruses out to people in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 forums in the disguise of  Starcraft beta codes because I was so angry. Kids bitching about Edo Kages when they could be just playing an amazing and exciting fighting game. The game already has over 80 playable characters, what the fuck more do you want?

Most times i’m convinced these kids bash games because they didn’t have any money to buy the game to begin with. You’re not fooling anyone BroodKiller22, we know you’re 12 and broke. Stop listening to these kids raging and go play games you like. They’re the reason devs are scared to take any risks these days since kids are being so critical and picky.

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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens