AbleGamers Wins 2 MS Society da Vinci Awards for Game Accessibility Guidelines

–AbleGamers is thrilled to announce the MS society has awarded the AbleGamers Foundation the da Vinci award for best product in communication/educational aids forIncludification-the practical set of game accessibility guidelines, and the Leo for People’s Choice.


“Today is a very special day for AbleGamers,” said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. “I started the organization in 2004 after my sister from another mother, Stephanie Walker, experienced a severe MS attack. When I looked online to find ways to help her in her time of need only to find no information existed, I knew right then and there that I couldn’t let anyone else go through the same feeling of being helpless and alone that I felt that day.”


“For nearly a decade,” he continued. “The AbleGamers staff and myself have worked tirelessly so that no one has to feel alone when life makes it difficult to continue enjoying the wonderful medium of digital entertainment. Video games have become such a prevalent part of our society. There should be no barriers to fun. This award is so special to me, awarded on my 39th birthday, nine years after starting the foundation, because MS was the catalyst for the birth of AbleGamers and today the MS Society recognized that not only are videogames important to the overall quality-of-life for everyone able-bodied or disabled, but also that the work so many people have volunteered to pour their hearts and souls into is bringing about real change.”


“AbleGamers is humbled and grateful to all of our sponsors and fans who supported this event,” he continued. “We hope to put on more of these throughout the year and to make 2013 stand out as the year the game accessibility movement really took off!”


“I’m very proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization,” said Steve Spohn, Editor-In-Chief and Community Outreach Chair for the AbleGamers Charity. “Mark’s dream of making video games ever more equal to people of all walks of life is coming true step-by-step. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the solution. It’s an honor to work with him and the best birthday gift he could have received.”


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