Scantily Clad Wizards Arriving on PS3 & Vita This Summer

Whoops I mean Dragon’s Crown will be arriving on PS3 & PS Vita this summer, i mean who can’t resist calling it that. If some of you haven’t been up to date with Dragon’s Crown, well Dragon’s Crown is a gorgeous 2D sidescroller Rpg-Brawler. Dragon’s Crown includes classes such as Fighter, Amazon, Elf, Sorceress, Wizard, and Dwarf. Each have there own unique skills and abilities which gradually evolves as you fight your way through hordes of enemies.

Another great feature about Dragon’s Crown is that the PS3 and PS vita Version has cross save options meaning you can resume the game no matter on what system your on. Dragon’s also includes 4 player coop over online but no word if you can play with each other simultaneously over both consoles. Dragon’s Crown is set to release August 6 for Both PS Vita and PS3.



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Scantily Clad Wizards Arriving on PS3 & Vita This Summer

Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

Hey guys! I’m Jose the second half of Dual Pixels and co-host of DPR. I enjoy fighters more than any other genre because I grew up playing them when I was a wee-lad. Looking forward to the future of gaming and more Spider-Man! Come on Sony you can do it.

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