Three New Grand Theft Auto V Story Trailers

Rockstar has three new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V showcasing characters of interest in the upcoming title, Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. First we have Trevor, a renegade hillbilly who does a ton of ratchet sh*t involving weapons. He doesn’t stop short of hijacking helicopters, cars, and blowing up those very vehicles in return.

Next is Franklin. Franklin seemingly is trying to put the hood and gang-banging lifestyle behind him but the false sense of pride amongsts those from the hood are demonizing him. “I’m tryna make money and stay alive” – said Franklin; in response to someone accusing him of eventually likely to break the street code of snitching.

Michael is basically perfect example of a rich bored guy. He has all the money in the world but nothing constructive to do with it anymore.

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Brandon Brown

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