A-Men Might Come To PC But Needs Your Help!

If some of you don’t know what A-Men is,  its a puzzle game/side-scroller similar to classics such as Lemmings and Lost Vikings, and it released on the PS Vita and PS3 not to long ago. Now the creators Bloober Team want to release the game on Steam but they need your support. So they established a IndieGOGO Campaign which you can visit and donate to the team and can get you A-Men(for either platform PS3 or PS Vita) or other cool bonuses.

All while funding further game development, and one more way you can help is by visiting Steam GreenLight and giving A-Men a thumbs up to further push the game on to PC.  Bloober Team also has another project coming up called Deathmatch Village, which is a free to play game releasing on PS Vita and PS3 soon. Check out the vid of A-Men below, and remember to support Bloober Team and other projects in the works.


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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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